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Rural & Household Water Management
A comprehensive guide for designing and building water systems for off-the-beaten-path dwellings, Cottage Water Systems is a how-to manual for harnessing a variety of water sources and their necessary peripherals (i.e., pumps, toilets, water filtration systems).

Chapters cover well maintenance, finding water, putting together a pump system, plumbing, water testing and purification, outhouses, winterising and the plethora of details any water do-it-your-selfer needs to concern themselves with.   This book is worth reading just as an education on home water technology.   And it goes beyond putting in a water system for your weekend cabin; the chapters on alternative toilets and on water purification systems are useful to any home dweller.   As the proud owner of a septic tank, I found the chapter on septic systems highly informative, particularly in terms of its care and feeding (had I read it sooner I could have probably avoided the $150 I just shelled out to have mine siphoned).
From The Woman Source Catalog & Review: Tools for Connecting the Community for Women;

review by Ilene Rosoff , 1997

The Home Water Supply: How to Find, Filter, Store and Conserve It

The Home Water Supply:
How to Find, Filter, Store and Conserve It

by Stu Campbell, Roger Griffith
Paperback (1983)

Comprehensive, practical, and fun to read.   Covers everything from finding water to getting it to treating it and controlling it.   Describes ponds, catchments (roofs and paved areas), wells of several different kinds, springs, and running water.  A reader from North Carolina, USA , 1998

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