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Ecological Engineering for Wastewater Treatment
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Wastewater Engineering:
Treatment, Disposal, and Reuse

(McGraw-Hill Series in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering)

by George Tchobanoglous, Franklin Burton
Hardcover (1991)
Biological Wastewater Treatment
(Environmental Science & Pollution)

by C. Leslie Grady, Glen Daigger
Hardcover  (1998)

This text is aimed at civil and environmental engineers for the course usually taught as a one- or two-semester course at the junior/senior level.    The third edition covers information on new water treatment processes and small treatment facilities.
This book will appeal not only to civil and environmental engineering students but also to professional and practicing engineers who can use the text as a reference.

Substantially updates the first edition.  Presents the principles of physical and chemical wastewater treatment and illustrates their application. Twenty-two chapters discuss background (classification, fundamentals, and stoichiometry and kinetics of
biochemical operations); theory and applications of modelling ideal suspended growth reactors and ideal attached growth reactors; and future challenges.
From Book News, Inc.

Ecological Engineering for Wastewater Treatment
by Carl Etnier, Bjorn Guterstam
Flush! Treating Wastewater
by Karen Mueller Coombs, Jerry Boucher
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Library Binding (1995)

For the professional.
Comprehensive Table of Contents including: Ecological Engineering; Aquaculture and Its Role in Ecological Wastewater Treatment; Ecosystems Approach to Low-Cost Sanitation; Wastewater-Fed Fish Culture; Land-Based Systems; Solar Wastewater Treatment; Polyculture-Based; Plan for a Community Greenhouse; Cold Climate Regions; Sand-Plant Filter Systems; Treatment of Wastewater from Potato Processing; Ecological Effects of Human Activity; Awareness of the Engineer as an Integral Part of Ecological Wastewater Treatment; Wastewater, Groundwater, and Air Purification Schematics and more!

For children: From Booklist, 1995
Coombs takes a thorough look at water purification, using humor to do it.
After examining the limited supply and importance of fresh water, she highlights sanitation practices through the centuries -- from chamber pots to outhouses, from typhoid outbreaks to the burning Cuyahoga River.
The author, Karen Mueller Coombs, 1997
Flush! was named an Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children by the National Council for the Social Studies.
It was also named the first place winner in the juvenile book category of the 1995 San Diego Book Awards.

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