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Dams, Canals, Diversion Weirs & Irrigation Systems
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Dams and Disease:
Ecological Design and Health Impacts of Large Dams, Canals and Irrigation Systems

by William Jobin
Hardcover (1999)

Design of Diversion Weirs:
Small Scale Irrigation in Hot Climates

(Wiley Series in Water Resources Engineering)

by Rozgar Baban
Paperback (1995)

The title has been revised slightly, we have added the phrase Dams and Disease at the beginning of the title.
This book covers the health impact of tropical dams and canals, and is a companion to my previous book on Dams and Fishes, which is titled Sustainable Management for Dams and Waters.
The first book covers the Americas, primarily rivers and dams of Massachusetts, while this new book on Dams and Diseases is global in scope. The new book will be especially valuable for environmental consultants and global funding agencies.
The author, William R. Jobin, 1999

Provides step-by-step instruction on designing diversion weirs, with sections covering site investigation, topographic survey, soil, hydrological and hydraulic analysis, uplift pressure, sediment control, structural analysis of weirs and intake structures, and financial analysis of constructing weirs.
Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
An extremely accessible guide for those with little or no design experience which contains step-by-step instructions to design diversion weirs and provides a strong background for designing other hydraulic structures, to produce a simple but significant structure to save hundreds of farmers from poverty.
The publisher, John Wiley & Sons


Canals and Communities:
Small-Scale Irrigation Systems

(Arizona Studies in Human Ecology)

by Jonathan Mabry

Managing Canal Irrigation:
Analysis and Lessons from

South Asia
(Wye Studies in Agricultural and Rural Development)

by Robert Chambers
Paperback (1989)

Comprehensive Table of Contents including:
Ethnology of Local Irrigation; Moroccan Irrigation;  Political Ecology of Irrigation in a Peasant Community; Rapid Rural Appraisal of Arid Land Irrigation; Simulation Modeling of Balinese Irrigation; Small-Scale Irrigation Networks; Sustainable Agriculture.

Presents a new syllabus for training, and a new agenda for research and development, while pointing to new policies and to practical action to be taken in the field.   Includes seventeen pages of references.
Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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