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Freshwater Crayfish or Crawfish Aquaculture
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RED CLAW! Raising the Giant Australian Freshwater Crayfish
by Don R Wilson
Small Scale Crayfish Farming
by Don Wilson
Paperback (1990)

This book shows how to raise lobster-sized crayfish.   In researching my first crayfish farming book, I ran across many references to this 'Red Claw' crayfish from Australia.   After some extensive inquiry into the species, I found that it possessed a potential for culture in the US.   In fact it has been raised successfully here for some years, but information about the Red Claw was at best sketchy at that time.
So I self-Published this book using information from Australia and Auburne U., as well as contributions and photos from companies raising Red Claw.   It's a great and inexpensive book full of hard-to-find info about this type of crayfish, and should be of interest to persons wanting a home-grown source of gourmet protein or a profitable enterprise.
The author, Don Wilson, 1997

From 'AQUACULTURE MAGAZINE' by James W. Avault Jr., book review editor:
"This booklet is compiled from information from David O'Sullivan of the University of Tasmania, David Rouse of Auburn University, and several private companies growing Red Claw in America and Australia.   This booklet is developed as a manual for the crayfish farmer. It covers all of the important topics a beginning farmer would need to know.  This booklet is easy to read and should be a help to someone who wants a condensed version of growing Red Claw.   David O'Sullivan and David Rouse are highly respected researchers of Red Claw.


This is a small but useful book packed with information.   Freshwater crayfish (or crawfish) are highly regarded as a delicacy both here and abroad.   They are very similar to shrimp or lobster in taste and texture... high protein and low-fat.  This book targets the small farmer or homesteader.
Living pretty far off the beaten track, I wanted to find an aquaculture crop that I could raise at home.   I decided to write this book after my own research into crayfish farming turned up a lot of information that was pretty hard to find.
The author, Don Wilson, 1997

This book is easy to read,well organized & packed with info!   This booklet targets the small farmer or backyard hobbyist,and has been well received. Here are some review exerpts received over the years:
'BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE' by Dave Duffy, editor: "This is a small but useful book.. a bare bones 'how-to' manual on how to raise crayfish in a small country setting. Wilson is a clear, informative writer, and this book is in that vein..short and to the point.   No fluff.  I like it a lot."
From 'SMALL FARM TODAY' by Ron Macher, editor: "Both of these booklets ('Small Scale Crayfish Farming' and 'Red Claw! Raising the Giant Australian Freshwater Crayfish') offer inexpensive, detailed information on the possibilities of raising crayfish for food and profit on a small acreage.   There are not many crayfish reference books, and these two small books pack all the information you will need into a tiny price."


Freshwater Crayfish Aquaculture in
North America, Europe, and Australia:
Families Astacidae, Cambaridae, and Parastacidae

by Jay Huner

A technical guide to crayfish.    Most commercial cultivation is in the South, with Louisiana dominating; however, crayfish aquaculture is also important in some northern and western states.    Huner begins with a history and overview of crayfish, and then several authors follow with discussions of the crayfish life-cycle, how crayfish are cultivated and harvested, and how some 110,000 metric tons of crayfish find their way onto tables, not only in the U.S., but also in Europe and Australia.  From Booklist, 1993

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