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Explains the physical, chemical, and biological processes that interact in pond culture systems; and the economic, social, and environmental impact of such systems.   Includes studies of fish diseases, reproduction, climate and site, pond design, pond bottom soils, attributes of pond-cultured fish, growth and production, computer applications, experimental design and analysis, and developing technology.
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Based on a decade of research in Africa, Asia, and Central and North America by the Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP), not only explains the physical, chemical, and biological processes that interact in pond culture systems, but also presents real-world research findings and considers the people who depend on these systems.  Booknews, Inc.


Biology of Farmed Fish
by Sheffield Academic Press Staff,
Kenneth Black, Alan Pickering
Hardcover (1998)
Introduction to Aquaculture
by Matthew Landau
Hardcover (1991)

This landmark volume considers the biology underlying fish culture, focusing on developments over the last decade.  The chapters, written by biologists who have made outstanding contributions to the research literature, draw on examples from a range of species around the world.  The approach adopted is generic - ordered according to life-stage or discipline, rather than according to species. This volume therefore complements the books available dealing with single species or groups.

Although the science of aquaculture has been around for centuries, it has only recently attained popularity.    Introductory text for a college or university course covers a wide spectrum of aquaculture-related topics and, because many different fields play a part in aquaculture, includes sections on history, economics, law, engineering, chemistry and biology.
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Aquariology: Fish Breeding and Genetics
by John Gratzek, Joanne Norton, Paul Loiselle
Hardcover (1993)

All About Hydraulic Ram Pumps
by Don R. Wilson
Paperback (1994)
Solviva: How to grow $500,000 on one acre, and Peace on Earth
by Anna Edey
Paperback (1998)

The author, D.R. Wilson, 1997
I use one of these ram pumps at my home for all my water!   Years ago when I moved to a remote cabin, there was no electricity available.   There was a spring nearby to get water from, but it had to be carried to the cabin.   I knew this had to change, so I began to research alternatives.   This was before there were any 'alternative energy' stores or catalogs.   Eventually I found some info about 'ram pumps' which looked promising.     That was many years ago and the ram I built then has gone through many changes.   This book contains plans for the design that evolved through trial and error.   The Atlas Ram is now simpler and cheaper to build, and more reliable and efficient than ever.

The publisher, , 1998
A great book on how to live sustainably on Earth.   This book is about one woman's sacred vision and commitment to learning to live sustainably on Earth.    Since 1976 Anna Edey has made one astonishing discovery after another (how to heat and cool with solar power, how to grow exceptionally high yields of highest quality organic foods year-round without heating fuel or cooling fans, how to manage sewage in ways that benefit the landscape and reduce water pollution, etc) under the name Solviva Solar-Dynamic Bio-Benign Design.

Freshwater Fisheries Management
by Robin Templeton
Paperback (1995)
Inland Aquaculture Development Handbook
by David Blakely, C. Hrusa
Paperback (1990)

A thorough understanding of freshwater fisheries management is vitally important for all occupiers and managers of freshwater fisheries. Without a working knowledge of fisheries management valuable assets can be wasted or underdeveloped. The second edition, like the first, is essentially a practical guide for anyone involved in freshwater fisheries management in the temperate regions.

Reviewer: A reader from Nashville, Tennessee, 1999
Amazing, I didn't think anybody else shared my passion for inland aquaculture until I read this most informative book.   If only more people would read and implement the advice Mr. Blakely offers us, the world would be a much fishier place.

Cage Aquaculture
by Malcolm C. M. Beveridge
Paperback (1996)
Aquaculture: An Introduction
by Jasper Lee, Michael Newman
Hardcover (1996)

Updates the 1987 edition by incorporating new findings on cage design, site selection, and captive fish behavior; and new concerns about waste production, environmental capacity; and current legislative and economic trends.
Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Well presented, nice design but elementary for researchers and people wanting to know a "real introduction" to aquaculture.    Lacks of minimal technical details such as longlines or rafts design.  Reviewer: A reader March 8, 1997

Assessing the Sustainability and Biological Integrity of Water
by Thomas Simon
Hardcover (1998)
Aquaculture and Water Resource Management
by Donald Baird, John Muir, Liam Kellyl
Hardcover (1996)

This book examines the application of fish community characteristics to evaluate the sustainability and biological integrity of freshwaters. Topics include perspectives on use of fish communities as environmental indicators in program development, collaboration, and partnership forming; influence of specific taxa on assessment of the IBI; regional applications for areas where the IBI had not previously been developed; and specific applications of the IBI developed for coldwater streams, inland... & more

Comprises eight papers addressing a range of scientific and management issues drawn from the international conference Aquaculture and Water Resource Management, held at the University of Stirling in June 1994.  Topics cover aquaculture as a growing global activity due to dwindling natural stocks; a systems and sustainability perspective for aquaculture and the environment; problems arising from waste output from intensive aquaculture; aquaculture's effects on species interaction. Booknews, Inc.

Every aspect of this growing field is covered from descriptions of aquatic plants and animals to in-depth coverage of the economics and management of the aquaculture industry. Extensive coverage of water requirement nutritional fundamentals and diseases common to aquaculture are included.