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The Straw Bale House
Using plastered straw bales as building materials for a home may not sound stable or long-lasting, but these can be used for a variety of purposes from adjacent buildings to entire houses, can be used with relatively little experience, and have many attributes; from super-insulation to cheap construction.

The Straw Bale House The Straw Bale House
(A Real Goods Independent Living Book)
by Athena Swentzell Steen, Bill Steen, David Bainbridge, David Eisenberg
Paperback (1994)

An guide to building living structures with straw bales. Covers benefits of building with straw bales, safety concerns, building codes, and insurance, and offers techniques for building walls, windows, doors, foundations, roofs, floors, and plastering the straw walls. Includes b&w photos demonstrating building techniques, and color photos of finished homes and interiors. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Buildings of Earth and Straw: Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw Bale Architecture Buildings of Earth and Straw:
Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw Bale Architecture

by Bruce King, Ann Edminster
Paperback (1997)

How-To Editor's Recommended Book.  Chelsea Green's The Rammed Earth House and The Straw Bale House chronicle the possibilities and realities of straw bale and rammed earth construction. Buildings of Earth and Straw fills in the gaps for professional builders, contractors, engineers, inspectors, lenders, and architectural students. It includes special construction requirements of earth and straw, design capabilities and limitations of these materials, and documentation of testing data for use in addressing the concerns of officials. This book offers the nuts and bolts of rammed earth and straw bale building techniques, and why they are so spectacular, durable, and earth-friendly.

Build It With Bales:
A Step-By-Step Guide to Straw-Bale Construction, Version Two

by S. MacDonald, Matts Myhrman
Paperback (1998)