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How to Build a Log Cabin or Home

How to Build and Furnish a Log Cabin: The Easy, Natural Way Using Only Hand Tools and the Woods Around
You How to Build and Furnish a Log Cabin:
The Easy, Natural Way Using Only Hand Tools and the Woods Around You

by Ben Hunt
Paperback (1996)

Natural, rustic and simple.  This 'older' book shows you in simple diagrams how to build rustic log structures and furniture the original way. I have used the methods to build a fantastic fence from trees harvested from my own property. I have also built most of the birdhouses. This book is not really for building a log cabin. It is the greatest book of folk art for rustic log furniture and structures I've ever seen. A reader from New Mexico, 1998

How to Build Your Own Log Home for Less Than $15,000
by Robert Williams
Paperback (1996)
Build Your Own Low-Cost Log Home Build Your Own Low-Cost Log Home
by Roger Hard
Paperback (1985)

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide that shows the tools and techniques you'll need to craft a log home using your own logs or a kit. Includes basic construction techniques, floor plans, and secrets on how to save the most on building a log home.  The publisher, 1998

0806974869_m.gif (7661 bytes) Complete Guide to Building Log Homes
by Monte Burch, Richard Meyer, Lloyd Birmingham
Paperback (1990)
How to Afford Your Own Log Home How to Afford Your Own Log Home
by Carl Heldmann
Paperback (1997)
0811724220_m.gif (6555 bytes) Log Homes Made Easy:
Contracting and Building Your Own Log Home

by Jim Cooper
Paperback (1993)

A log home book for the rest of us.  Most books on building log homes start with how to cut down a tree. They also talk about how inexpensive log homes are. My book does neither. I wrote Log Homes Made Easy to answer the questions of people who are looking for a modern log home. People who don't need to know how to sharpen a chainsaw or cut a notch, but, how to compare the "kits" offered by various manufacturers, how to find subcontractors, prepare a budget and get financing. In Log Homes Made Easy, I follow the entire process, step-by-step, beginning with evaluating land through designing, budgeting, financing and building. The text is supported by a number of forms that I developed for use when I was general contracting log homes. I intended for Log Homes Made Easy to be a handbook to get people through the complex and sometimes confusing process of building a modern log home. The author, 1997

The Complete Guide to Log and Cedar Homes:
All About Buying, Building, Decorating, and Furnishing Log, Cedar, and Post & Beam Homes

by Gary Branson
Paperback (1993)

This comprehensive guide offers help and advice from such respected manufacturers and associations as Lindal Cedar Homes, Timberpeg, Appalachin Homes, the National Association of Home Builders and the Log Homes Council on everything a consumer needs to know about buying, building, decorating, and furnishing log, cedar, and post-beam homes.

Building With Logs Building With Logs
by Allan MacKie
Paperback (1997)

Learn from the Best: Build an Acclaimed "Mackie Log House"  This classic, now revised and updated for 1997, is still considered the best book ever written on making a full-sized log home. This enlarged eighth edition is filled with numerous major construction improvements, and clearly shows the novice and experienced log builder every necessary step to build a home.
This book covers: financing, the site, planning a good home, acquisition of logs, how to fall a tree and trim it, storage of logs, safety, foundations and basements, first logs and floor joists, hewing and the broad axe, cutting a round notch, sealing between the logs, setting allowance, gable ends, electrical wiring, finishing touches, and much more.  The publisher, 1998

Log House Plans Log House Plans
by Allan MacKie
Paperback (1997)

Learn from the Best: Build an Acclaimed "Mackie Log House"  This big book gives you 48 log-house plans, with photographs, elevations and building tips. When combined with the basic text of "Building with Logs", this book is the next step for the serious log-home builder--the complete map for getting the job underway.
Designs range from a 432 square-foot guesthouse through a 1,140 square-foot cabin (that began as a ski lodge and eventually became Mackie's home) to a 3,300 square-foot masterpiece that contains a sauna and swimming pool.
Somewhere in this wealth of log-house plans is the perfect home and cottage for all who love logs buildings and are planning one for themselves.  The publisher, 1998