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Natural Healthy House
Solar & Wind Energy, Pure Water & Composting Toilets, Alternate Building Materials & More!

A Healthy House Has ...
Wise Water
Cottage Water;
  Pure Water;
Composting Loos;
Greywater;   Wastewater;
Cheap Energy
Passive Solar Design
Photovoltiacs;   Home & Office Solar;   Wind Power;
Home & Office Wind;
Business of Energy;
Efficient Examples
Fuel Cells - the way of the future in autos, buildings and industry?
President Bush thinks so.

  Alternate Styles
Adobe;   Underground;    Barns;   Rammed Earth;   Retreats;   Straw Bale;
Tipi & Yurts

  Elements of Design
Fences & Walls
;   Indoor Plants;
DIY Building
Site Planning;
Landscape Architecture
  For Professionals
ArchitectsUrban Design; DIY BuildingSite Planning;
Landscape Architecture
  Alternative Community
Alternative Economy; Volunteers; Fundraising; Permaculture Noosa; Northey St City Farm; Beelarong;
Solar School

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A Natural & Healthy House is a combination of elements working together - a holistic approach: energy efficient using solar passive design (situated and elements placed to take advantage of nature's heat or cooling) and renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind; the efficient use of space and resources with like elements placed together; environmentally responsible use of water and waste; and contains indoor plants to assist in air purification.
This site discusses solar and wind power; alternative building methods such as log, straw bale, adobe and rammed earth houses; indoor plants; landscaping creating microclimates; site planning; sustainable community development and architects resources; building fences and barns; composting toilets; fireplaces; pure water, wastewater and grey water alternatives.
The Country Kitchen and Frugal Lifestyle sections provide information on the holistic approach to a healthy house, and a Natural Living Chat Room is accessible via the Site Headings Index.

These elements and styles of natural efficient buildings all work together in providing a sanctuary, an environmentally responsible home or office that is healthy and harmonious with its surroundings.
Our webmaster and journalists are now working to expand the website to provide even more resources and information on this topic - so it is worth a bookmark and another visit soon.

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The Healthy House: The Healthy House:
How to Buy One How to Build One How to Cure a Sick One

by John Bower
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