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Energy Efficient House Design & Tips

The bible of passive solar design has been completely revised and updated. Extensive use of detailed drawings and case studies provide design and construction specifics. Includes updated information on material and assembly performance and computer simulation and analysis, plus the latest advances in materials and techniques.  The publisher, John Wiley & Sons

Energy-Efficient Houses
Energy-Efficient Homes
(Fine Homebuilding Great Houses)
Paperback (1993)
Energy-Efficient Houses
Energy-Efficient Houses
(Fine Homebuilding: Great Houses)
Hardcover (1993)

Energy-efficient houses have more than just cost savings going for them. They can be stunningly beautiful and individualistic and fit into their surroundings with grace and style. The 31 articles from FINE HOMEBUILDING magazine collected here show how designers and builders have incorporated energy considerations into both traditional and modern houses, built for hot and cold and wet climates.

Everyone knows that windows give us views, fresh air, and light , and recognizes the important role windoews play in how buildings look What is less obvious is that windows have undergone a remarkable technological transformation over the last fifteen years. Based on the latest research, Residential Windows offers a fascinating look at the state of the art today as well as the windows of the future, and the information necessary to evaluate windows and make intelligent choices. Emphasizing energy performance, residential Windows covers every aspect of window design and technology: the basic mechanisms of heat transfer; new products and rating systems; the effects of the window frame material and installation; and how to make the best decisions when specifyingor purchasing windows for a new house or renovation. The publisher, 1997

Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings
by Alex Wilson, John Morrill
Paperback (1998)

How-To Editor's Recommended Book.  American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.
Alex Wilson and John Morrill have assembled a comprehensive guide to energy-saving techniques and devices with two goals in mind: save consumers money and save Earth in the process. Wilson and Morrill offer consumers the latest techniques for making their homes more efficient, comfortable, and cheaper to live in, and they supply energy ratings for appliances, light bulbs, water heaters, windows, heating systems, and more. The language is clear and entertaining; you needn't to be a technician or an engineer to understand the suggestions and analyses. Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings will prove incredibly useful for people who are about to build a home or remodel, or who simply want to get the most bang for their buck and not waste energy or foul the environment.

Homemade Money; How to Save Energy and Dollars in Your Home Homemade Money;
How to Save Energy and Dollars in Your Home

by Richard Heede, Owen Bailey
Paperback (1996)

How-To Editor's Recommended Book.  The preeminent energy think tank in the United States, The Rocky Mountain Institute, estimates that $50 billion could be saved in the U.S. each year using current materials and technology. Homemade Money is your guidebook to claiming your share of the savings! In great detail, going so far as to give brand names, this book shows you how to save energy on heating, cooling, appliances, and household systems. It also gives construction and remodeling techniques to maximize energy savings. The book is organized to help readers sort through the huge number of choices and suggestions and set priorities without being intimidated. Virtually anyone can implement enough of these strategies to save energy and money almost immediately.

Energy-Efficient and Environmental Landscaping:
Cut Your Utility Bills by Up to 30 Percent and Create a Natural Healthy Yard

by Anne Simon Moffat, Mark Schiler
Paperback (1995)

For the eco-minded landscaper.  Ever notice how some spots in the woods are warmer or colder than others. This book shows you how you can modify one's own microclimate (to make your property more comfortable). It is organized by region, with appropriate strategies and recommended planting. It is also the most comprehensive guide to environmental landscaping (using native plants, composting, natural lawn care, xeriscaping [low water-use] etc.). I've recommended it to many of my friends and given copies as gifts.  A reader from USA 1999