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Build Your Own Gates & Fences, Walls, Retaining Walls & Bridges

Whether you are revamping, renovating, or starting from scratch, here is everything you need to know about building fences and gates.  Using the simplest tools, you can create a stunning variety of fence and gate designs to suit your site. Woodworkers and those with no building experience alike will find these books to be a valuable resource for designing and building these unique and timeless structures.

For the beginner or the experienced woodworker, Building Fences & Gates covers just about everything one needs to know. The book starts with some interesting history on fences, then lays out how to plan the right fence for your property and needs, choose the appropriate materials and finishes, plot and diagram the curves and slopes of your land, set and align posts, build interesting and functional gates, choose proper hardware, hang gates, and make permanent repairs.
A complete how-to manual, this book shows how to build, finish, maintain, and repair wooden fences and gates. The book includes advice on planning, deciding the purpose of the fence, adapting to the actual site, and selecting an appropriate gate.

The complete guide to choosing, planning, and building today's best fences: wire, rail, electric, high-tension, temporary, woven, and snow. Also chapters on gates and trellises. Includes line drawings, charts, and bibliography.

Putting up fences becomes less difficult, if one understands the principles and procedures, as explained in this book, first published in 1887. The illustrations aid in comprehension. Included are primitive fences, stone and sod fences, board fences, picket fences, barbed wire fence and many other fence types and appurtenances. Frank Good, The Wichita Eagle