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Wind Energy Technology

Wind energy works. It's reliable. It's economical. It makes environmental sense. And it's here now. Wind power machines are not tomorrow's technology. Whether it's on a giant wind farm in California, in a small village in Morocco, or in the backyard of a Kansas wheat farmer, wind energy works today in a variety of applications around the world. You too can put this renewable resource to work.
Excerpted from
Wind Power for Home & Business: Renewable Energy for the 1990s and Beyond by Paul Gipe Copyright 1993. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved

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Achieving Energy Independence Achieving Energy Independence
- One Step at a Time

by Jeffrey Yago
Paperback (1999)
Wind Energy Technology Wind Energy Technology
by John Walker, Nicholas Jenkins
Paperback (1997)

A must have first text for any homeowner wanting to install a back up power system for their home or home business. Addresses new ways to prepare for power outages including brownouts, storm outages, and rolling blackouts. 
Step by step guide to become independent of the utility grid. Answers all installation questions about solar photovoltaic systems, generators, battery inverters, wind turbines, and battery banks, including wiring diagrams and safety issues.

A text for distance learning for energy engineers at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level. Explains the basic principles of wind energy conversion; examines how they influence the design of modern wind turbines; and discusses project development and engineering, focusing on economic and environmental considerations. -- Copyright 1999 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved

A Guide to Small and Micro Wind Systems Wind Energy Basics:
A Guide to Small and Micro Wind Systems

(Real Goods Solar Living Book)
by Paul Gipe, Karen Perez
Paperback (1999)

It has been a pleasure reading such a clear and optimistic book on one of my favourite subjects Wind Energy.  Paul Gipe has over 20 years experience in the wind Industry both as a practitioner and a commentator. This is evident in the no-nonsense way he covers the various aspects of wind systems for the small user.
This book is a wonderful primer for all but the professional wind enthusiast; in which case the companion volume Wind Energy for Home and Business (1993) weighing in at over 400 pages is the book of choice.
The book covers everything from the fundamentals of wind energy; including lots of maths; through to the actual installation, operation and maintenance of the authors own wind system. In between are chapters on estimating the performance of the proposed wind system, on and off the grid applications and off course what to look for in buying a wind turbine for your home, weekender or boat. A very important chapter has been included on siting and safety. After all what is the point of having an environmentally responsible wind system if it is behind a tree or if you injure or kill yourself trying to install or operate the thing?
Through out the book the reader is constantly treated to excellent photographs from the authors extensive global travels with his wife and companion Nancy Nies in search of wind turbines. You have access to the inside of manufacturing premises and to the top and bottom of towers and wind turbines around the world.
In conclusion I commend this book to anyone who has an interest in the environment or Renewable Energy. Wind is the perfect companion to Solar Power and together they are changing the future for the better.  Reviewed by Trevor Robotham of Sun Wind And Power SWAP, 2000 

Wind Power for Home & Business Wind Power for Home & Business:
Renewable Energy for the 1990s and Beyond

(Real Goods Independent Living Book)
by Paul Gipe
Paperback (1993)

A comprehensive guide to using wind to power private houses and small businesses and farms. Describes and illustrates the wide range of systems now commercially available; suggests criteria for citing; includes equations for figuring out the power potential of various sizes in various conditions; and discusses legal and safety issues. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. 

Wind and Solar Power Systems Wind and Solar Power Systems
by Mukund Patel
Hardcover (1999)

Great book!  This book is a lucid, up-to-date and comprehensive reference for theory and practical matters surrounding our two most viable alternate energy sources. Reviewer from USA
This is a good reference book on renewable energy sources. It is well organized and easy to follow, even for non-electrical engineers. As an environmental engineer, I have found it an excellent reference. Reviewer from USA

Wind Energy Comes of Age Wind Energy Comes of Age
(Wiley Series in Sustainable Design)
by Paul Gipe
Hardcover (1995)

A remarkable book . . . the most thorough treatment of the wind industry so far. . . For insiders and newcomers as well, the book will be a valuable tool for understanding the development of the wind power industry. . . A decade from now it will be almost impossible to survey the growth of this industry without the platform created by "Wind Energy Comes of Age." Every chapter discloses Gipe's in-depth knowledge of this emerging industry. . . His sharp analysis of how competing groups have sought to harness the power in the wind makes exciting reading . . . the comprehensive treatment of wind's environmental and aesthetic impact on the landscape offers a guide to overcoming obstacles to wind energy's widespread acceptance. Gipe's analysis of this sensitive subject will surely blaze a path toward integration of wind energy into electricity supply systems worldwide.  Review by Birger Madsen, Danish wind energy pioneer 

How Mechanical Wizards, Visionaries, & Profiteers Helped Shape Our Energy Future Reaping the Wind:
How Mechanical Wizards, Visionaries, & Profiteers Helped Shape Our Energy Future

by Peter Asmus
Hardcover (2000)

The story of the history of the commercial wind power industry in the United States, including the intriguing lives and tactics of industry pioneers. Features information and instruction on the technologies and policies that drive the wind power industry, interwoven with the story of the human struggle that brought the industry into being. DLC: Wind power plants. 
Peter Asmus is a sensitive, and involved, observer of the 20-year struggle to make wind energy a valuable energy resource. This book describes the soaring victories and crashing defeats, with the personalities of the people adding more than enough color and life. Here are the words of one wind industry promoter who made the transition from dreamer to bank-financed developer without losing his pony-tail: "Kudos, and more kudos. You cut through all of our industry's bulls--t with wit and candor, and injected living, breathing humanity into a story of technology. Injecting your own personality, as well. Despite the obvious that no one can ever tell the true story as it happened, you have done a remarkable job in bringing the wind industry's evolution to life, and the future of American, no, global, society, rests in your readers' understanding of the lessons from your brilliant history of our industry." Wind energy is now harnessed with modern machines in 23 states of the US. As we teeter on the edge of another energy crisis, this books describes what some people are doing about to improve the health and security of all people. The beauty of this book is its invitation for everyone to choose the direction for the future. Reviewer from Boston, USA