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Solar Powered Energy

An introduction to solar applications.    This book gives an introduction to some of the ways solar energy can be used in everyday applications.   If you have no knowledge of solar energy this is an OK place to start. It covers everything from solar water heating to solar ovens.

The Fuel Savers: A Kit of Solar Ideas for Your Home, Apartment, or Business
by Bruce Anderson
Paperback (1991)

The book was written and published in 1991, and is presently in many public libraries and book stores scattered throughout a dozen states.   The book deals with the problems of Government legislation to preserve air quality, climate, site and, of course, the sun.
The book includes the newest and most practical guide on Free Passive Solar Heat and storage of it in a super-energy-efficient home.   The easy-to-understand information and illustrations address America's serious concerns: environmental and air-pollution; as well as concepts to lower every family's utility bill.

Building an energy efficient home?   YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK.   Back in 1983 Don Booth's company, Community Builders was one of the premier developers of energy efficient homes in New England.   This privately published book was probably written to help prospective customer's understand the technology and boost sales.   No matter what his reason, Don's book became a classic of the genre.   Calling upon his experience, he goes step-by-step through the theory and practice of building super insulated and passive solar/geothermal homes.   The explanations are clear, the examples are informative and it provides just the right amount of technical detail.   If you are planning to build a new home, read this book first.   The principles you learn here will save you thousands of heating and cooling dollars.   It has already saved me from a very expensive mistake.  A Reader, 1999