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Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings

Earth House The Rammed Earth House
(Real Goods Independent Living Book)
by David Easton, Cynthia Wright
Paperback (1996)
Build With Adobe
by Marcia Southwick
Paperback (1994)

How-To Editor's Recommended Book.  The beauty and grace of rammed earth construction is described in fascinating detail by David Easton. The photographs of different structures, both modern and ancient, by Cynthia Wright, create a breathtaking glimpse into a building technique that is as old as human history, but exactly suitable for today's resource-conscious and environmentally friendly building needs. Trees may be getting a bit scarce these days, but there's no current shortage of dirt, the main component of rammed earth homes. From such a prosaic material, gold has been spun in these timeless, graceful, and nearly indestructible homes and buildings.

Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings:
Design and Construction

by Paul Graham McHenry
Paperback (1989)
Adobe: Build It Yourself
by Paul Graham McHenry
Paperback (1985)
It presents both engineering information and detailed technical data for adobe and rammed earth building. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
A definitive work on earth wall construction.
This book was written to provide technical information to the professional community of architects, engineers, and building officials. It answers most technical questions and provides alternative design details to meet all situations and climates. This provides a technical manual to access this low cost, environmentally oriented basic building material.
A bible for owner built adobe homes.
This book was written after teaching more than 1500 students a community college course by the same name. It is tightly focused on the questions and needs of the would be owner builder. While it deals primarily with the adobe styles and methods of the south western United States, it is a good general guide for the beginning homeowner. More than 50,000 copies of this have been published, and it continues as a best seller. More than 300 homes have been built with the aid of this book
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