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For information on Food Additives - Colourings, Preservatives, Chemical Names & their effects on people and the food they are found in CLICK HERE

For Further Research into the topic of Genetic Engineering of food crop see these books from
Genetically Modified Foods : Safety Issues : Developed from a
Symposium Sponsored by the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Karl-Heinz Engel / Hardcover / 1995
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Chemical Analysis for Antibiotics
Used in Agriculture
Hisao Oka / Paperback / 1995

Science for the Food Industry of the 21st Century: Biotechnology,
Supercritical Fluids, Membranes and Other Advanced Technologies for
Low Calorie, Healthy Food Alternatives

Manssur Yalpani / Hardcover / 1993

Eat Your Genes : How Genetically Modified Food Is Entering Our Diet
Stephen Nottingham
Hardcover / 1998

Paperback / 1998

Plant Resistance to Herbivores and Pathogens : Ecology, Evolution, and

Robert S. Fritz, Ellen L. Simms
Hardcover / 1992

Paperback 1992

The Impact of Plant Molecular Genetics
Bruno W. S. Sobral
Hardcover / 1996

High-Tech Harvest:
A Look at Genetically Engineered Foods
Elizabeth L. Marshall
School & Library Binding / 1999

Global Plant Genetic Resources for Insect-Resistant Crops
Stephen Clement, Sharron Quisenberry
Hardcover / 1998

Agricultural Crop Issues and Policies
(Managing Global Genetic Resources)
Hardcover / 1993

Starting and Sustaining
Genetic Support Groups
Joan Weiss, Jayne MacKta
Paperback / 1996

Particle Bombardment for
Genetic Engineering of Plants
(Biotechnology Intelligence Unit Series)
Paul Christou / Hardcover / 1996

Governing Molecules
: The Discursive Politics of
Genetic Engineering
in Europe and the United States

(Inside Technology)
Herbert Gottweis / Hardcover
Published 1998

Environmental Gene Release:
Models, Experiments and Risk Assessment
J.M. Lynch, Michael J. Bazin
Hardcover/ 1994

Engineered Organisms in Environmental Settings:
Biotechnological and
Agricultural Applications

Morris Levin, Eitan Israeli
Hardcover / 1996

The Ecological Risks of
Engineered Crops
Jane Rissler, Margaret Mellon
Paperback / 1996



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