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Permaculture Species List ~ Vegetables
This page contains information on:
Wet Season Vegetables  -  Perennial Food Plants   -  Edible Water Plants

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The Neem Tree
Products from the neem tree have been used for medicinal purposes for 4,000 years.
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Wet Season Vegetables
Cassava Eat starchy root as well as cooked greens.  Makes excellent chips!
Capsicum -
Ceylon Spinach Easy to grow, shelter from afternoon sun
Ginger Likes semi-shade, harvest end of wet season
Kang Kong (water spinach) Quick growing, plant edges of ponds & dams
Cherry Tomatoes Easy to grow & 100s of times better than their larger 'hybrid' cousins
Eggplant -
Lettuce -
Madagascar Bean Produces for 7 years
Corn -
Warrigal Greens -
Okra Eat when young & tender
Pumpkin Picking the top 10cm encourages branching & provides great stir fry
Sweet Potato Leaves, roots & tips eaten
Taro Roots & leaves edible
Yakon Edible tuber


 Perennial Food Plants
Asparagus Harvest second year
Chinese Water Chestnuts Plant in spring & harvest at the end of the wet season
Garlic Chives Keep dividing clumps this good insectary plant
Golden Shallots Multiplier onion
Jerusalem Artichoke Underground tuber - easy to grow
Lemongrass Divide clumps, great edge plant providing a barrier against grass
Perennial Leek When harvested side shoots are replanted
Rhubarb Shade tolerant - be careful leaves are poisonous
Strawberries Divide in March
Turmeric Loves shade


Edible Water Plants
Chinese Lotus Perennial Rhizome, most of plant is edible
Kang Kong (water spinach) Quick growing, plant edges of ponds & dams with cuttings
Taro Plant at beginning of wet season, harvest 8-10 months later
Water Chestnuts Plant early spring, harvest end of wet season

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