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Vegetables, how to grow and cook them
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Vegetables, how to grow and cook them Vegetables
by James Peterson, Justin Schwartz
Hardcover (1998)
The complete, A-to-Z guide to buying, preparing, and cooking vegetables.   In addition to the more than 300 wonderful recipes, Peterson includes an encyclopedic introduction covering topics such as vegetable varieties, uses, buying, preparation, storage, and more -- basically everything you'll ever need to know.   The recipes span the globe -- everything from American mashed potatoes to stir-fried bok choy.   Although there are plenty of vegetarian recipes -- many without dairy products -- James Peterson isn't afraid to add smoked ham or meat stock to his vegetable recipes, if that's how they're best enjoyed.    Just like his previous award-winning cookbooks, Vegetables will be required reading (and cooking) for beginners, culinary professionals, and all levels of cooks in between.
Vegetables, how to grow and cook them Uncommon Fruits & Vegetables:
A Commonsense Guide

by Elizabeth Schneider, Soun Vannithone
Hardcover (1998)
"Its' a truly invaluable trove of culinary historical, and botanical knowledge," wrote Gourmet's book reviewer in 1997, lamenting that Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables was out of print.   Now the classic has returned in its original hard cover.   More timely than ever, the visionary volume includes produce now available -- arugula, mango, kiwi, snow peas, and Swiss chard, as well as less familiar passion fruit, carambola, tamarillo, and chanterelles.   Backdrops rich in culinary, botanical, and historical information set the stage for nearly 100 of these produce items.   Detailed methods of selection, storage, and preparation lead to more than 400 easy-to-follow recipes designed to bring out the best in each fruit and vegetable.

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