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You Say Tomato: Peel, Chop, Roast, Dry, Freeze, Preserve, and Enjoy You Say Tomato:
Peel, Chop, Roast, Dry, Freeze, Preserve, and Enjoy

by Joanne Weir
Paperback (1998)
You Say Tomato tells you all you reasonably want to know about our favorite "fruit eaten as a vegetable."   Joanne Weir starts with the tomato's fascinating history as it traveled from South America to Europe, then recrossed the ocean to North America.   She talks about growing tomatoes yourself and explains the important difference between a red tomato and a ripe one. (Red tomatoes may be picked unripe, then gassed to a rosy color; vine-ripened tomatoes are the only kind with the memorable tart-sweet flavors we love.)  Among the wide variety of recipes, Zesty Salsa Verde, Tomato-lentil Salad, and Red Bread made with tomato juice stand out. There are also a host of pastas and pizzas, including the Turkish Spiced Lamb and Tomato Pizza, also known as "lahmacun." --Dana Jacobi
The Tomato Handbook The Tomato Handbook
(Firefly Gardener's Guide)

by Jennifer Bennett
Paperback  (1997)
For the tomato lover, summer is the sweetest season.   It is the long-awaited time when the taste of ripe, juicy homegrown tomatoes obliterates the waxy memory of winter's genetically engineered pink spheres found in supermarkets.   "The Tomato Handbook", by expert gardener and writer Jennifer Bennett, reveals the secrets of growing this delectable fruit.
After providing a brief history of the tomato, Bennett gets down to the nitty-gritty of tomato cultivation, with advice on planting, stages-of-growth, support methods and pruning.
An expanded section devoted to tomato types and guidelines for making the selection that suits both your garden and your taste buds is followed by a chapter on disease and pest management.
Information on growing tomatoes in greenhouses and outdoor containers and tips for harvesting, preserving and cooking with tomatoes (delicious recipes included!) round out this essential guide to one of nature's most versatile offerings.

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