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The Medicinal Mushroom
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Medicinal Mushrooms: An Exploration of Tradition, Healing & Culture Medicinal Mushrooms:
An Exploration of Tradition, Healing & Culture

by Christopher Hobbs, Michael Miovic
Paperback (1995)
Mushroom toxicity, uses in traditional medicine, and appearances in the human diet are supported by clinical studies and explorations of cultural influences in this technical coverage. Over 100 species of edible fungi are documented in the most complete work on medicinal mushrooms published to date.
A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home Mushroom Cultivator:
A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home

by Paul Stamets, J. S. Chilton
Paperback (1984)
Practical is exactly right.    This book excellently describes exact details for mushroom cultivation in a very understandable fashion.   It gives precise parameters for several commonly cultivated mushrooms and a lengthy list of common contaminants and their cure.    The book gives methods for small time cultivation as well as professional large-scale production.   In general, it is a great primer on the subject of mushroom cultivation.
Mushroom Book Mushroom Book
by Thomas Laesse, Anna Del Conte, Gary Lincoff
Hardcover (1996)
The ability to correctly identify mushrooms is, in many ways, an art in itself.   With this profusely illustrated, helpful guide providing assistance, it should be possible to acquire a good deal of the skill necessary to differentiate between a delectable parasol mushroom and a species with a similar appearance, the green-gilled parasol, which is highly toxic if ingested.    Bright, bold photographs and concise text together describe important features and enhance an extended graph provided for use as an identification key.    The large format adds impact to the main body of material: an in-depth field guide that indicates whether a species is deadly poisonous, possibly edible, or a choice selection to include in gourmet recipes such as those featured in the final chapter.
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