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Citrus, oranges and more
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The Great Citrus Book:
A Guide With Recipes

by Allen Susser
Paperback (1997)

Summer lemonade stands, oranges in Christmas stockings, lime margaritas and breakfast grapefruits mean "citrus" to most people.  This concentrated reference and cookbook extends our knowledge of Genus Citrus' eight major species in great detail with history, geography, climate (the key to how the fruit develops), appearance, nutritional value and recipes.  Lois Ellen Frank's clear photographs of the 102 varieties are paired with descriptive paragraphs.  Chef Allen Susser's specialty is New World Cuisine and it influences the 38 unique recipes.  No citrus cookbook is complete without original recipes, and The Great Citrus Book offers some new versions of old favorites: Frozen Key Lime Pie, Blood Orange Marmalade and Lemon Meringue Kisses with Lemon Curd.  The Great Citrus Book is a sunny addition to any cookbook shelf.

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by John McPhee
Paperback (1991)
Oranges was conceived as a short magazine piece, but thanks to John McPhee's unparalleled investigative skills, became a slim, fact-filled book.   As McPhee chronicles orange farmers struggling with frost and horticulturists' new breeds of citrus, oranges come to seem a microcosm of man's relationship with nature.

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