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Good Bugs for Your Garden
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Good Bugs for Your Garden Good Bugs for Your Garden
by Allison Mia Starcher
Hardcover (1995)
Starcher, an organic gardener, says good bugs are the ones that are beneficial, their behavior helping control plant-eating insects that otherwise would feed off our gardens.   Starcher divides the good bugs into predators, such as the praying mantis and ladybird beetles; parasitoids, such as some species of wasps; pollinators, such as bees; and soil builders, such as earthworms.    Color illustrations of each insect in egg, larval, and adult stages are included, along with a list of plants that attract them (such as baby's breath, clover, dill, goldenrod, lavender, parsley, and sunflowers), the insects they feed on, and their habits, habitats, and appearance.
George Cohen  CopyrightŠ 1995, American Library Association. All rights reserved

Bugs, Slugs & Other Thugs: Controlling Garden Pests Organically

Bugs, Slugs & Other Thugs:
Controlling Garden Pests Organically

by Rhonda Massingham Hart
Paperback (1991)

Hart suggests hundreds of ways to stop pests without risk to the user or the environment -- from folk remedies to the latest scientific discoveries. More than 55,000 copies sold.

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