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Bamboo and it's uses
I highly recommend Victor Cusack's book.  Victor is a local to me and an internationally recognised authority on Bamboo. - Marcus Webb, webmaster of this site.

Articles by bamboo experts: Time to take care of your bamboo plants  

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The photos are excellent. They are the way collectors view bamboo.  There is a close examination of the details that make bamboos lovely horticultural subjects. Crouzet's text is fine and offers much practical guidance and advice on the choice and culture of bamboo.  Reviewer from Massachusetts, 1998

Now available once again with a new preface by the author, The Book of Bamboo introduces us to the oldest, most remarkable resource on the planet. Part catalog, part history, The Book of Bamboo shows us how this versatile wood, which is both sustainable and plentiful, has been used for thousands of years to make items ranging from things needed for survival like clothing and housing to more exotic and luxurious objects like phonograph needles and children's toys, as well as dozens of others....

Technology is great, but sometimes building methods of native people are "better" than our scientific methods.

A complete illustrated reference to bamboos.  This book provides all the information gardeners need to successfully plant and grow bamboos, as well as an encyclopedia of species particularly suited for the garden, including dwarf, frost-resistant, and non-invasive varieties. Other fascinating topics are also covered, including bamboo's cultural influence in Asia, morphology, species characteristics, cultivars, and uses of the plant and its products, including a handful of recipes. 

Julia Hansen wrote this book as an introduction to the art of playing the tingklik. The tingklik is an eleven-tube, bamboo xylophone made on the Indonesian island of Bali. It is usually played in an ensemble called "rindik" which is comprised of two tingkliks, one suling (bamboo flute), and one drum.
Rindik music is performed in restaurants and homes. The music contained in this book is heard throughout the culture. You can find rindik music on CDs and tapes.

See also: How to Make Bamboo Fishing Rods - Our Plants Index - Our Site Index