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Bach Flower Essences
A guide to the hundreds of flower remedies available in health food stores.  How to use over 700 traditional and new flower essences.
The Bush Flower Essences are among my favorites. This is a wonderfully written flower essence book. The repertory is well organized and easy to use. Highly recommended! Reviewer: A reader from California, 1999

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Australian Bush Flower Essences
by Ian White
Paperback (1997)

An informative yet personal picture of 50 flower essences as well as detailed information about their preparation and use in all areas of healing. Fully illustrated with both black and white drawings and color photographs.

In this book, flower essence researcher, practitioner, lecturer, and seminar leader Lila Devi unlocks an exciting new "language of flower essences" which treats vibrational flower therapy as both and art and a science.
Understanding the Personality through Flower Essence Usage I wrote The Essential Flower Essence Handbook to help people understand themselves better as well as gain a deeper understanding of the art of flower essences. To provide practical information for self-analysis and self-help within the framework of these "gifts from the heart of nature," comprises the essence of this book. And gauging the response worldwide since its first publication in 1996, it has succeeded in this goal. The author, Lila Devi October 1, 1998

A guide to the hundreds of flower remedies available in health food stores.  How to use over 700 traditional and new flower essences.   This is the only book that describes how to use the traditional Bach Flower remedies as well as over 650 other flower remedies that have been developed in the past two decades. These include the Alaskan flowers, Australian bush flower essences, the Flower Essence Society's North American and British flower essences, and the fruit and vegetable blossom essences that were developed based on the teaching of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Pocket Guide to Bach Flower Essences
(Crossing Press Pocket)

by Rachelle Hasnas
Paperback (1997)

In Mastering Bach Flower Therapies: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, Mechthild Scheffer presents a comprehensive guide to incorporating Bach flowers into your life. The first practitioner to recognize the psychological underpinnings of the Bach flower remedies, Scheffer demonstrates that emotional and physical well-being are inextricably linked and shows how the flower therapies can be a powerful tool-not only for healing individual symptoms, but for putting the course of one's life back on track.