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A couple of generations ago, cider vinegar was the most common household remedy.    Now it's making a comeback as scientific research has discovered the secrets of its healing powers.

Here, over 50 different ailments get specific, step-by-step treatments.
You'll see how cider vinegar relieves colds, headaches, fevers, and muscular aches, purifies the kidneys, heals cuts and bruises, and even slows the aging process.

"Vinegar tells you everything you never thought of asking about the puckery stuff." The Associated Press
"(This) tome tells everything the reader might want to know about vinegar: History, commercial production, vinegar making as a hobby, understanding vinegar and how it's produced, flavoring vinegar, and health benefits and medical uses. The Daily Review
"Vinegar, which tells everything you've always wanted to know about this condiment and much more, makes a persuasive argument that vinegar has indeed played an important role in many civilizations from as early as 5000 B.C." Wine Country International

A reader from Colorado, 1998
Amazing things your doc wouldn't think to tell you!   This book is easy to read, packed with info, and has wonderful recipes.   I especially like the alternative remedies included using these three everyday items.    I never knew, for example, that apple cider vinegar was great on burns until I used it on myself.   No scar, no pain, no blistering!    A good book to have on your kitchen shelf.

What Baking Soda Bonanza did for baking soda, Vim & Vinegar does for vinegar.    From reviving wilted vegetables and untangling hair to curing insomnia and cleaning windows, everything you ever wanted to know about vinegar's miraculous uses is here in one handy volume.
A reader from Washington, 1998
A "must have" for every household.    The receipe for the Kitchen Grease-Cutting Cleaner is worth the cost of this book.    Whether you need to remove set-in stains in vintage clothing or clean a mildewed shower curtain, this book has lots of great ideas that really work.    It even has suggestions for losing weight!    Well, we'll see.

appl-icn.gif (983 bytes) Lose Weight With Apple Vinegar:
Get the Ideal Body the Easy Way

by Klaus Oberbeil
Paperback (1998)

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