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The Baby Elf Centre
Hello, my name is GaiaGirl (say it like G-ee-a) ~ my name is the same as the first Goddess ~ it means Mother Earth.  This is my home.

house where gaiagirl livesbutterflies

These are my some of my friends, the elfs.  They really like it at the bottom of your garden where not too many people go.

Elfs like to help in the garden, helping to grow plants and food.  Did you know that most of the food we eat grows on plants?   Do you like bananas, apples, carrots, beans?  They all grow on plants.ladybugLady bugs are our friends and they help in the garden too!

I'm sure your garden has some food plants!   Do you know which plants in your garden are food plants?  You might have to ask your mum or dad to show you the herbs, fruits and vegetables that grow there.
butterfly children

Do you know what a plant needs to grow big and strong?

1/. Plants need water, but some plants don't like too much water, just sometimes when they want a drink.   Most young plants need water every day to grow strong and healthy.

2/. Plants like the sun shine ~ you feel better when it is sunny too!  Look in your garden ~ see how some of the plants like it in the shade.  Too much sun hurts some plants, just like too much sun hurts you too!

3/. Plants like food too ~ did you know that?  Food for plants is different than our food though, but plants still like lots of goodness in their food.  Plants like their food in the soil or dirt around them, which does not taste very good to us.

Does your family put your food scraps in a compost pile?  If they do, they are making really good food for the plants in your garden.  Plants like to have the left overs from our dinner but it has to be put in a pile of other scraps, mixed up with other goodies and some good dirt and left for two weeks so that it turns into compost.

These are some of our butterfly friends.  When you have a healthy garden, butterflies will come for a visit to talk to the elfs that live there and to say hello to their friends, the plants.
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