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Treasures from the past - medicinal herbs, health advice & gardening tips.
Just as with clippings you might find tucked away in a grandmother's favorite cookbook, there is much to be found in these valuable collections: favorite old-time herbs; dieting, sleep and health advice; plants, pests, and garden topics; and many other popular medicinal and household tips with origins in the 18th and 19th centuries.

From milling your own grain and making simple mustard to making good homemade vinegars, this packs in advice on how to make some extraordinary homemade goods. These culinary arts, from curing to growing herbs and making cheese, are 'lost' arts resurrected for this fine account. Do you find yourself constantly "throwing out and buying new"?  For wise consumers who want to mend and extend every possible item -- from roof shingles to pantyhose -- to help you take better stock and better care of the things you already have. You'll reap rewards in both savings and satisfaction!

Covers insect and animal pests, diseases, weeds, propagation, storage, and nutrient and environmental deficiencies. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Discover the secrets of old-time gardeners and their time-tested organic techniques to make a garden grow more beautiful and bountiful. "1,001 Old-Time Garden Tips" features an incredible selection of advice from successful 17th-, 18th-, 19th-, and early 20th-century gardeners on everything from how to read weather signs to how to improve soil quality, plus recipes for tasty dishes, drinks, and herbal seasonings.