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Aromatic oils have been used for thousands of years not only for their fragrance but for culinary, therapeutic, ritual, and spiritual purposes. More than a fashionable trend, aromatherapy is coming into its own as a body of knowledge and practice with specific applications that have a solid scientific base.

Another "must have" for your Aromatherapy library.  Valerie Worwood has put together another great aromatherapy source. Focusing on love, romance and sensuality this is another "must have" for your aromatherapy library. Great information on how essential oils work, affect our emotions, and horomone release.  -- Health & Healing News, 1999 With the increasing interest in aromatherapy and flurry of books coming out, it is refreshing to see an in depth approach to its effects on the mind and emotions. It is a pleasure to see such a well written and well researched book.  The American Herb Association

This book is an invaluable asset to the aromatherapy novice.
Let me start by saying I love this book! Finally a complete guide that is easy to read and affordable. The descriptions, explanations, and step-by-step preparation methods are written for the novice and are easy to follow. I especially like the quick reference on page 30 outlining the basic essential oils. I copied it onto a piece of bright purple paper and put it on my refrigerator for easy reference. The book is full of them, and I think they’re wonderful to use in concocting new, safe and different aromatherapy mixtures. Likewise I enjoyed the herbal, aromatic recipes in chapter ten. I would have liked, though, to have seen photos or drawings of some of the major herbs and procedures described throughout the book. Since I am just beginning in my studies in aromatherapy, it would have been nice to have a visual reference to look to after reading about a specific herb’s positive attributes and usage. That said, Kathi Keville and Mindy Green have done a remarkable job of translating the seemingly enigmatic language of aromatherapy. The charts in chapter four are especially helpful. Now lavender oil has become a relaxing addition to all my baths!  A reader from Santa Cruz, 1999