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Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them

Granted, if you live in the city and have no land or tools, the primary use of this charming reproduction of an 1884 classic self-help book for farmers and homesteaders will be entertainment and fantasy. But if you are living in the country or would like to, the basic, straightforward wisdom in Farm Conveniences will serve the modern homesteader just as well as those of the last century. A collection of the best ideas garnered from farmers of the time on shed-building, trapping, constructing...
A reader from Southern New Jersey, 1999
These books are truly wonderful. I have lived my whole life on a farm and I have seen some of the things shown in these books, but to see the whole range of rural inventions in one place is an overwhelming testimony of the ingenuity and brilliance of our forefathers. I also think the introductions by Denis Boyles are the funniest things I've read in a long time.

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First published in 1872 for homesteaders migrating west from the settled eastern part of the United States, this practical guide to the construction of a variety of homes from wood, earth, and gravel, as well as outbuildings, gates, a cellar, furniture, and many other necessary implements of self-sufficient rural life, is as down-to-earth today as it was when it first appeared. The quaint language of the original title page reads, "Practical Hints for Handy-Men Showing Clearly How to Plan

The city forest; the keyline plan for the human environment revolution
by P. A. Yeomans