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Country antiques decorators, collectors, and dealers will find advice here on collecting, pricing, identifying, and dating country antiques, along with trends and the best places to find these items. With photos and accurate, current prices, readers will be assisted in buying and selling farm implements and antiques, decorated stoneware, furniture, coffee mills, butter churns, kitchen baskets, coffee pots, and quilts.

An alphabetically organized reference for farm implements from the 1800s through the 1940s. Each entry includes an overview of the implement or tool (for example, churns), and notable examples of brands, often illustrated by drawings or photographs. Each example includes a brief summary of the history and use of the particular implement. Although confusing at times because of its lack of an index and broad subject headings, this volume will be useful and entertaining for farm antiques buffs. From Book News, Inc. The current popularity of the "country look" in home decorating is reflected in the growing number of collectors of American country antiques. Generously illustrated with photographs of country furniture, decorated stoneware, graniteware, and more, this is a useful sourcebook for the collector.
Prices are offered with the assumption that the items depicted are in original and excellent condition. The authors have consulted private collectors, auction houses, and nationally known dealers. From Booklist, 1994

American Family Farm Antiques
(A Wallace-Homestead Price Guide)

by Terri Clemens
Paperback (1994)

This definitive guide on collecting authentic rural items covers every aspect of farm life from the turn of the century onward, including needlework, cooking and canning utensils. It offers descriptions and prices for thousands of items with over 175 photos. Each chapter describes an aspect of farming in detail, including the tools and activities involved and how the task has evolved.

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