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Making Cheese   Making Cheese  Making Cheese
Step by step, Cheesemaking Made Easy presents everything the novice cheesemaker needs to know to make great tasting cheeses starting with the very first batch.   Much of the equipment required is already found in the kitchen, and other items, such as cheese molds, can be made from common household objects.
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Cheesmaking Made Easy even offers simple instructions for making a homemade press from scraps of wood and other easy-to-find parts.   Cheesemaking Made Easy covers ingredients, 60 easy recipes, soft cheeses, hard cheeses, whey cheeses, goat's milk cheeses, bacterial and mold ripened cheeses. From milling your own grain and making simple mustard to making good homemade vinegars, this packs in advice on how to make some extraordinary homemade goods.  These culinary arts, from curing to growing herbs and making cheese, are 'lost' arts resurrected for this fine account.

See also: Raising Goats  -  Site Index  -  Country Kitchen