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Our site PERMACULT aims to provide resources and information to assist with the business of running a farm or market garden.  This site will act as a resource for the entrepreneur seeking an income from their property.

The online correspondence courses "Business Planning for a Permaculture Property" (making a living from your small acreage) and "Doing Well While Doing Good" (green business planning) will provide you with the skills needed to manage your property or business into this new millennium.

The end result of the courses will be practical and attainable business plans based on realistic expectations and resources.

If you are seeking a consultant to prepare a business plan or to assist you in your endeavours, please consider the Australian Permaculture Information & Design Service.

If you are producing something that our readers would be interested in, consider taking some pages here at PERMACULT to promote your business! 

green business

 Green, Inc.: A Guide to Business and the Environment
by Frances Cairncross Hardcover (1995)

Written in a clear and engaging style, and illustrated with a wealth of examples from around the world, Green, Inc. provides a thought-provoking analysis of the complex relationship between government, business and the environment.