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permaculture - green business

The Australian Permaculture Information and Design Service (APIADS) is available for permaculture consultancies, web design and business planning.  We specialise in urban and small rural solutions that provide residents with a healthy lifestyle and sustainable year-round food crop.

Our services include:


We take immense satisfaction in making recommendations on the specific courses of actions that clients should follow to achieve a healthier lifestyle and diet whilst improving and caring for their environment. 

An advisory consultancy is one step below a full planning consultancy - we will make recommendations on your property, resources and lifestyle incorporating permaculture principles.  Our advisory service is usually of a half day's duration - to gather information on your site and lifestyle and then to make recommendations.

I am also available to sit on select committees or boards to advise on permaculture principles, green marketing and business development.

Permaculture planning

Our permaculture design & planning consultancy includes a detailed map of your property, incorporating your existing resources, lifestyle considerations, desired and recommended crops, and budget.  The plan will provide a workable solution to providing natural and healthy food crop in your urban, suburban or small rural property.   No space is too small - we have conducted viable plans for home unit balconies.

Business planning

Utilising my MBA background (G7 Economic Summit and regional economic development board) we can provide a comprehensive business plan for the successful running of a small (up to 20 acre) property or the launch of a small (or large) business idea. 

Strategic planning and media consultancy is a speciality - as is, of course, internet design and marketing.   If you have a business idea to capitalise on your rural property, our large database and research library is available. 


This web site is available for the promotion of select businesses, servcices and products.  If you have a product or service that is of interest to our readership, consider utilising these pages as part of your marketing mix.

APAIDS is available for the design, development and promotion of stand alone web sites.


We are often asked to gather information and conduct in-depth studies, such as researching the impact of a large planting of a new crop in a rural situation or writing a report providing the economic benefits of a permaculture system specific to your situation. 

Depending on the scope of the research assignment, this can involve obtaining primary or secondary data.  Secondary data is information that is already in print or is readily available from recognised sources.  Primary data is information based on first-hand observations, surveys or experiments.


Sometimes, what the client really wants is for our consultants to rate the effectiveness of an existing method or their approach to a problem.  We can evaluate and make recommendations on existing layouts and garden beds, the effectiveness and efficiencies of the properties' whole layout, and can review and update existing business plans.


We will be running Introduction to Permaculture courses and internet based correspondence courses in permaculture from this web site in the very near future.

To inquire about our upcoming courses or our consultancy services, please email, telephone us in Australia on 02-65876583 or write to PO Box 311, Wingham, N.S.W, Australia, 2429.  View my CV here.

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