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Ever fantasize about escaping the big city congestion and moving to a home and new job out in the country? It's not just for farmers anymore ... sound business advice for starting a rural business.

For city dwellers seeking refuge from smog, rush-hour traffic and long supermarket lines, it's a romantic fantasy: owning a quaint bed-and-breakfast inn or a charming general store in a sleepy town where everybody knows your name. If you're wondering where to sign up, read Lisa Rogak's The Complete Country Business Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Become a Rural Entrepreneur, a look at the nuts and bolts of small-business ownership, village style. Entrepreneur's Business Start-Ups, 1998

Key Benefit: This practical, "nuts and bolts" book provides a one-of-a-kind introduction to all of the essential skills necessary to the marketing, selling, and maintenance of farm and ranch real estate, including marketing, appraisal, and land management. Key Topics: Farm and Ranch Marketing is divided into three distinct sections: marketing; property evaluation; and land management. The book provides case studies in land management as well as the complete procedure for land evaluation.

This book has provided a readable comprehensive and balanced treatment of food marketing systems since its introduction in 1955. It covers all phases of food marketing, from farmers and farm supply industries to food distribution and consumer interests. MARKET: For the grower, distributor, and consumer of agricultural products.

My name is Carol Ekarius, and together with my husband, Ken Woodard, I've raised and marketed livestock for over a decade. Neither Ken, nor I, came from farming backgrounds, but we learned how to succeed in agriculture.  My intention with this book is to help thinking people accomplish their goals with livestock. It's for those who've been farming or ranching for most of their lives, for those who are just starting out, and for those who are dreaming of someday being a farmer.

Table of Contents includes: Technological Capability and Its Importance in Economic Development; The one-sided focus on large modern firms; Directions for new research;  The problem of prolonged labour surplus;  The need for a focus on small firms; The special role of small-scale machine manufacturers; How firms learn; The importance of farm equipment manufacturing in early industrialization; A Technical profile of small-scale farm equipment manufacturing; etc.