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Barter in the World Economy

Authors introduce readers to alternative economies - where big deals and transactions take place with "trade dollars", and "cash equivalent credits".  Author shows how important trading will become in the future as more and more savvy business people, enter the entrepreneurial market.
Many examples shown how airline credit, artwork, stocks, phone cards, media credits and other goods become currency.

Reviewer from Washington, DC, 1998
Although I may be a biased opinion as I am interviewed in the book (more like a manual), Mr. Whisler and company do a very thorough job of discussing the ins and outs of trade. In fact, as a "how to" manual, I've never seen anything better and more straigtforward.
If you are a business that is seriously considering bartering your excess capacity, I'd suggest you order this book today. It's an easy read. Best wishes. Mark Servatius

A novel treatment of barter demonstrates that it is more than a simple and self-evident economic institution but may constitute a mode of exchange with its own social characteristics, occupying its own moral space.



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