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Welcome to the Permaculture Project!

A resource for farmers & business, gardeners & cooks.

Make use of our resources to make good use of yours!

Living Naturally

By bringing together a number of agricultural disciplines, including permaculture, organic growing and some traditional farming & gardening techniques, our aim is to encourage and promote a natural and healthy way of living.

Growing good chemical free food and healing the soil are just two of the results of using these best practice audited methods.

Permaculture - Permanent Agriculture - is a holistic design system working in harmony with & imitating nature to produce healthy food forest & a sustainable community.

Undertaking an energy audit to identify your resources in terms of areas most visited in a day, items needing careful monitoring are placed closest to the household, and complimentary / supplementary items are placed near each other in zones to best manage your self, household, farm, business & community.

This website makes use of a zonal design system as it's index.  There is a lot of information here, you might want to bookmark this page for future reference.

small farm business management Zone One:

Shelter, Energy (solar, wind, etc), Waste, Housing Alternatives, Country Kitchen, Frugal Living, Indoor Plants.

small farm business management Zone Two:

Propagation, planting guides, companion planting, plants information.

small farm business management Zone Three:

Commercial Crop & Animals, Irrigation & Water Management, Aqua-culture, Farm Forestry.

small farm business management Zone Four:

BioDiversity, Conservation, Environmental Issues.

small farm business management Zone Five:

Community Groups, Globalisation, Foreign Aid, NGOs, Environmental Economics, Alternative Economics & other issues.

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Please use our resources to make the most of yours! We hope this site helps.  Thanks!

This website is now under a major reconstruction.

This website was first started in 1998 just after completing the Permaculture Design Certificate.

After spending more than a year on Starlight, an intentional community on the Sunshine Coast, and a further 5 years (2003-2008) on a permaculture-inspired intentional community on the mid-north coast of NSW, our webmaster now has his own organic acreage and will further develop this website into a resource for organic farming and gardening, healthy cooking and living, and right livelihood.

The website's index is based loosely on the permaculture zonal system.  Some pages contain little more than books as we built the articles up into a resource for you.

Index of our permaculture information and fact sheets, expanding fast

We are developing this resource for workers in community groups and NGOs! A free fundraisers course is there, plus news & articles for starting an intentional community, land trust, LETS Local Energy Transfer Scheme  or credit union.  

In an extraordinary "own goal" the Australian Greens political party has decided it wants to support the Stop Lynas political campaign in Malaysia to severely damage the global rare earth industry.

Higher temperatures and unpredictable weather events are disrupting life sustaining agriculture in many parts of the world, derailing efforts to reduce hunger and poverty in the world’s poorest regions. Because agriculture relies on healthy soil, adequate water, and a delicate balance of gases in the atmosphere, farming is the human endeavour most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. At the same time, agriculture is a major driver of human caused climate change, contributing anywhere from 25 to 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The good news is that agriculture, when done sustainably, holds an important key to mitigating climate change. The United Nations estimates that the global agricultural sector could potentially reduce and remove 80 to 88 percent of the carbon dioxide that it currently produces. Practices such as using animal manure rather than artificial fertilizer, planting trees on farms to reduce soil erosion, and growing food in cities all hold huge potential for shrinking agriculture’s environmental footprint and mitigating the damaging effects of climate change.

By tapping into the multitude of climate-friendly farming practices that already exist, agriculture can continue to supply food for the human population, as well as income for the world’s 1.3 billion farmers. Climate-friendly agriculture also can play a critical role in the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the mitigation of climate change.

A call on Mark Ragg to correct the multiple errors that he has published in the SMH


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small farm business management Join our community!  We are giving free web-pages to community groups involved in Organic Growing, Permaculture, City Farms, Regional Business Associations, Schools, etc to provide information about their group.  Please send us an email.

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Health & Chronic Fatigue Advisory Centre
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Farm & Business Courses & Consultancy
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small farm business management Our MBA & PDC qualified teacher & experienced consultant works with individuals, farm managers, business operators & community organisations to provide them with the resources & plans to produce real and sustainable outcomes.
small farm business management Online correspondence courses offered include "Introduction to Permaculture", "Green Business Management" and "Business Planning for Small Acreage".
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