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Permaculture Humour
It is customary at the end of a Permaculture Designer's Course to have a concert where everyone gets up to perform to the group.  
The following original poem was presented at our break-up class.

The Farmer & The Permaculturist

I love a well-kept country,
a land without a tree,
a land controlled by Round-Up,
not a weed in sight to see!
I love a diverse country,
where everything's included,
I love its depth of beauty,
a land that's not de-nuded!
I'm not into mono-culture,
I'm into wheat AND cows!
I've also got some paddocks,
with Rhodes Grass AND some fowls!
I love that mulching madness,
the worms and shit it brings,
recycling rubber tyres,
it makes my heart just sing!
I love my back-pack sprayer,
it's pesticides and spray,
my chainsaw and my dozer,
no weeds get in my way!
I love to swale the country,
increase it's rich deep humus,
eat Mother Nature's fruit,
without the fear of tumours!
I love my big red tractor,
it's plowshears and it's tines,
I love to rip the ground up,
and make incredibly straight lines!
I use my intuition,
to pick the tool I need,
it doesn't matter where they land,
I just love to throw them seed!
I love steroid injections,
superphosphate and A-1,
the Guiness Book of Records,
is no stranger to this guy!
I love my chicken tractor,
and companion planting is cool,
I'm into I.P.M,
'cos I'm nobody's fool!
I've used myxomatosis,
but it failed miserably,
it didn't kill the rabbits,
so I'm using Coal-Easy!
I utilise my water,
in such dynamic ways,
I'm learning from creation,
won't steal from future days!
I plant huge fields of sugar,
we then brought in the toad,
now it's a bloody nuisance,
it just gets in the road!
I love the smell of compost,
pigeon pea on swales,
sweet potato covers,
and friends with ice cold ales!
I can't help what's happening,
if I'm poisoning the sky,
I just act on information,
that I get from the D.P.I!
It it's to be it's up to me,
it's the ethic that I claim,
think of your child's tomorrow,
and you will do the same!
I don't care about erosion,
or environmental strain,
I don't care about the ozone,
nor droughts, nor acid rain!
I love to graze my garden,
to pick bountiful fare,
aside from healthy produce,
I just dig being there!
I love to farm the country,
of land I am the boss,
if topsoil ends up in the ocean,
there's plenty more in Oz!
I love to build my topsoil,
I like it to run deep,
I want it to stay where it is,
so I swale it when it's steep!
I love my fields of oneness,
one plant is all I see,
genetic engineering,
it means everything to me!
I love a land of splendour,
that permaculture brings,
helping heal my Mother Earth,
to me it's everything!

  By Mark Fry & Andre of Permaculture Noosa Inc

The Neem Tree
Products from the neem tree have been used for medicinal purposes for 4,000 years.

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