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The Edible Herb Garden

Growing Herbs from Seed, Cutting & Root:
An Adventure in Small Miracles

by Thomas Debaggio
Paperback (1995)
The Edible Salad Garden
by Rosalind Creasy
Paperback (1999)
This is a great book for anyone interested in growing herbs. It is full of information and fun to read. Creasy shows readers how to grow favorite salad greens and vegetables then prepare them using delicious and unique recipes.

Explore the world of fragrant and savory herbs and get tips on how to grow them abundantly. Learn how to use herbs in cooking, as well as in blends, herbed oils and vinegars.

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0911119647_m.gif (11804 bytes) Supermarket Remedies
by Cassim Igram, Judy Kay Gray
Hardcover (1998)

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