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Soy - Soya bean - Soybean
Soybeans and the products made from them have been shown to be among the healthiest foods available. Soy is rich in protein, is a good source of and calcium, contains no cholesterol or saturated fat, and contains plant estrogens, which have been shown to be powerful cancer-fighting agents and are effective in lowering cholesterol and relieving symptoms of menopause.
Note: if you have wheat or gluten intolerance, soy sauce is off your menu!

The Whole Soy Cookbook
175 delicious, nutritious, easy-to-prepare Recipes featuring tofu, tempeh, and various forms of nature's healthiest Bean
by Patricia Greenberg, Helen Newton Hartung
Paperback (1998)

If you're craving to learn all about soy and how to incorporate soybeans into your diet, you will find The Whole Soy Cookbook truly satisfying. Beginning with a thorough explanation of the different types of soy foods and how to use them, this comprehensive guide boasts more than 175 innovative (and flavorful!) recipes using soy. All are meat- and dairy-free. Every recipe includes a nutritional analysis (including calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, cholesterol, fiber, and sodium). For those of you who want more than recipes from a cookbook, author Patricia Greenberg provides suggestions for getting the optimum nutrition from soy following today's accepted standards for a healthy diet. Interesting (and possibly surprising) charts compare the nutritional statistics of meat and dairy products to their soy analogs.
The Whole Soy Cookbook is packed with instructions on how to use soy in everyday cooking. Handy side bars are peppered thoughout, offering suggestions for entertaining, variations to the recipes, as well as tips that will inspire you to get creative. The recipes range from simple to exotic: Enjoy comfort foods such as Soy Caesar Salad, Tofu Pot Pie, and Cream of Tomato Soup, or have some fun in the kitchen with Wild Mushroom Crepes, Soy Olive Bread, Tofu with Mexican Mole Sauce, Kung Pao Tempeh, and Tofu Chocolate Mousse. Greenberg also incorporates the use of meat and dairy substitutes in many of the recipes such as Soy Sausage Rolls, Soy Sausage Tortilla Pizzas, Soy Sloppy Joes, Country Soy Sausage Stew, and Soy Meatloaf. It's easy to appreciate the versatility and potential for flavorful, healthy food using soy with The Whole Soy Cookbook. Mail order sources and a conversion chart are also included. --Gretel Hakanson

Earl Mindell's Soy Miracle
by Earl Mindell
Paperback (1998)

Breakthrough international studies on the relationship between health and diet indicate that eating just two ounces of soy a day can lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, decrease the risk of cancer, and much more. After a complete discussion of the health benefits of soy, Mindell presents 70 delicious recipes made with readily available soy products.  Revealing recent findings about soy that indicate that two ounces per day supply cancer-inhibiting antioxidants, decrease cancer risks, lower cholesterol, help prevent osteoporosis, and boost immunity, an informative book includes seventy delicious recipes.

Earl Mindell's Soy Miracle Cookbook:
70 Simple, Tasty Ways to Add Soy Protein to Your Diet
by Earl Mindell
Paperback (1996)

The bestselling author of a variety of books on nutrition, including Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible and Earl Mindell's Herb Bible, helps cooks learn to produce simple, delicious dishes using the whole range of soy protein products, including tofu, tempeh, miso, and soy milk.

Natural Kitchen: Soy
75 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Nature's Miracle Food
(Natural Kitchen)
by Dana Jacobi
Paperback (1996)

Book Description
From soy milk to tofu, wholesome, cholesterol-lowering soy is emerging as the staple food of choice for thousands of health-conscious households. This book includes dozens of recipes for innovative and appetizing dishes such as The Creamiest Tofu Cheesecake in the World and Smokin' Black Soybean Chili with Corn.

The Complete Soy Cookbook
by Paulette Mitchell
Paperback (1998)

Is lack of time your excuse for not using soyfoods to prepare healthy food? Preparing delicious, healthy food using soy is easier than you think. Author of the 15-Minute Gourmet series, Paulette Mitchell has become accustomed to efficiency in the kitchen. In The Complete Soy Cookbook, she continues the quick but healthy trend in cooking using soy. As she notes, "the recipes rely on the imaginative use of ingredients rather than elaborate techniques."
Mitchell includes a description of soyfoods and the facts regarding soybeans as they relate to many of today's primary health concerns. Learn how to make soy part of your healthful lifestyle using a variety of ingredients, including different types of tofu, tempeh, and soybeans (dry, canned, and fresh). The Complete Soy Cookbook provides recipes suited to every occasion, from quick weekday meals to elegant entertaining. The style is best described as fusion cooking: Mitchell blends elements of many diverse cuisines in her book.

"This culinary chameleon truly is one of the most versatile foods on earth," Mitchell writes, and it's evident in recipes such as curried sweet Potato Soup, Tofu-Mushroom Stroganoff, Tempeh Paella, Tofu Tiramisu, Soybean Bourguignonne, and Tempeh Strips and Broccoli with Ancho Chili Sauce. "I became determined to take a gourmet approach and turn meatless mealtime into vegetarian dining," notes Mitchell. All of the 150 simple yet flavorful recipes are vegetarian, most are also dairy-free, and a nutritional analysis is included with each. --Gretel Hakanson

Understanding Fats & Oils
by Michael Murray, Jade Beutler
Paperback (1996)

Earl Mindell's Food As Medicine
by Earl Mindell
Paperback (1998)

The author of the thoroughly indispensable Earl Mindell's Herb Bible offers timely and important data that allows the reader to understand and explore the new science called "nutraceutics", or "food-aceutics", which describes the foods that can be used to prevent and treat disease.
A guide to preventing illness and disease through nutrition provides information on the ""Hot 100 Healers,"" which foods to eat for which ailments, deciphering product labels, fats, vitamin and mineral supplements, and other topics.

The Healing Power of Foods:
Nutrition Secrets for Vibrant Health and Long Life
by Michael T., N.D. Murray
Paperback (1993)

In The Healing Power of Foods, Dr. Murray explains the components of a healthful diet and the health-promoting properties possessed by specific foods. There is an ever-growing appreciation of the role diet plays in determining our health. The bestselling author of The Complete Book of Juicing and Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine reveals the incredible power that some fruits and vegetables possess and focuses on specific food prescriptions for common health conditions.
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