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The Liver-Cleansing Diet The Liver-Cleansing Diet
by Sandra Dr. Cabot, Karen Barbouttis
Paperback (1998)

The author, Dr. Sandra Cabot - 1998

Prior to publishing this book I had personally used this eating plan with hundreds of patients in my own clinic over a period of three years. The results showed categorically that if you eat the correct foods for the liver you will achieve a profoundly positive effect upon general well being.
The advice to simply "eat sensibly" will have a hundred different
definitions to a hundred different people. To just "eat sensibly", for the millions of people suffering with a fatty liver, who are chronically overweight and unwell will not achieve the required metabolic changes to achieve weight loss and rejuvenation. They obviously need to follow the Liver Cleansing Diet.
My clinical research has shown that it is necessary to eat in a very
specific way before we can stimulate and repair the liver. This is vitally important because the liver is the major fat burning organ in the body and the cleanser and purifyer of the blood stream. Surely it is worthwhile making a few easy and specific changes that nearly one million people have found "life saving" material from my "Liver Cleansing Diet Book".

Over the last two years I have received thousands and thousands of letters, faxes, phone calls & e-mails from average Australians thanking me for giving them the tools to regain their health.

Dr. Sandra Cabot MD

Milk Thistle: The Liver Herb
by Christopher Hobbs, Virginia Ducale, Beth Bough
Paperback (1993)

Learn how to use milk thistle to help heal and protect the liver from
hepatitis, cirrhosis, environmental toxicity, alcoholism, drug abuse, and more. Milk Thistle includes the history, folk uses, and recent scientific testing of this herb, the most important for liver protection.

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