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Immune System
Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome

Boost Your Immunity

Your immune system acts like a bio-security force. It deters uninvited guests such as germs and disease, and neutralizes intruders who've snuck in through a cut or orifice. That is, as long as its working. A depressed or compromised immune system acts more like the Keystone Kops, stumbling and bumbling while your body's enemies wreak havoc on your cells and organs.

To maintain a strong immune system, first and foremost you need to lead a happy and balanced life. Illness and disease hate joy and contentment. But they adore depression and rage. Stress seems particularly fertile ground for their bio weeds and toxins. Find ways to make your life happier and more relaxed, or ill health will find you.

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Next, watch what you eat. Fruits like blueberries and strawberries and leafy green vegetables kick the immune system into high gear, as do spices like hot peppers, and vitamin supplements such as zinc. But caffeine, excessive alcohol intake, and fatty foods give it a kick in the figurative stomach.

Don't rely too much on supplements. It's a good idea to take vitamins and other supplements that boost immunity, as long as you follow the directions. But a pill or herb is no substitute for a healthy diet, and may even deceive you into thinking your immune system is stronger than it is.

Also, make sure you exercise regularly. Moderate exercise keeps the immune system in shape the same way it tones and strengthens your muscles. Just be wary of overexertion, which can lead to a temporary drop in immunity. Refuel with a banana or sports drink if you feel a little weak after a heavy workout.

Lastly, get to bed on time. Sleep deprivation not only weakens the immune system in its own right, but it also tends to dampen your mood, which in turn further weakens your immune system.

Eat right, exercise, don't mope, and get to bed on time. Sounds like your mother talking. But actually, it's your immune system asking for your help.

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Double the Power of Your Immune System
by John Heinerman
Hardcover (1991)

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This layperson's guide tells how to combat the threats of diets loaded with processed foods, polluted environments, and stressful life styles with immunity-building foods, herbs, spices, and life style and environmental changes. From the common cold to arthritis, Double the Power of Your Immune System gives specific advice on overcoming a host of ills through enhanced immune power.

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Boost Your Immune System Now!
Live Longer and Better by Strengthening Your 'Doctor Within'

by Barry Fox, Arnold Immune for Life Fox
Paperback (1997)

A strong immune system will help you fight off most illnesses. In this informative book, you'll discover how to virtually ensure vibrant health. Learn about Super Foods that help you resist everything from colds to cancer. Test your immune system to determine your ideal nutritional regimen. Find out how you encourage illness and depression without realizing it. Get in shape with moderate exercise that reverses aging. Meld mind and body with a unique blend of positive affirmations and meditative relaxation. Boost Your Immune System Now! includes special interactive workbook sections for you to measure your immunity level and to select the best nutritional program for your needs. Menus and recipes are also included that boost your "doctor within."

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The Ten Best Tools to Boost Your Immune System
by Elinor Levy, Tom Monte
Paperback (1997)

From Booklist, 1997
That stress affects the immune system is old news. So is the association between vitamin E and lowered incidence of cancer. Now the relationship between zinc and colds has hit the headlines. Marshaling a wealth of research and presenting it in a popularly written fashion, the authors trot out the pros and cons about each of those subjects and present a wealth of other information to help readers improve health and fight illness. Among the most interesting chapters are those that link immune functioning with stress and interpersonal relationships, the upshot being that activities such as building supportive relationships, laughing, and even surfing the Net can have beneficial physiological effects. There's also a separate chapter concerning immune boosters and HIV/AIDS. A well-reasoned, enlightening book that focuses on the practical without forgetting the science.

Stephanie Zvirin Copyright© 1997, American Library Association. All rights reserved

Offers suggestions for altering nutrition and lifestyle in order to boost one's immune system, with suggestions that can be tailored to fit one's individual needs, covering such subjects as antioxidants, herbs, stress management, and eliminating toxins.

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