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Keep the guts young and maintain your health!

Are Your Bowels Healthy?

The bowels for human are just like the roots for a tree.  When the roots grow thin, the tree would wither.   Similarly, when the bowels are not healthy, we can't live in good shape. Even though we eat nutritious meal or take drugs, the weak bowels can't absorb it enough, and we can't stay healthy. Let's look into the bowels, an important part of our body.

What's Happening in the Bowels?

In the bowels, there are as many as 1 trillion bacteria of about 1 hundred species growing. Those bacteria are gathering together by each species like trees and grasses in nature. They keep our body healthy to help the digestion and sometimes harm us to produce poisonous matters. The typical Good Bacteria for the body are L. bifidus and lactic acid bacteria. They ferment carbohydrate (glucide) to lactic acid and acetic acid. Also, they acidify the bowels so that they reduce harmful bad bacteria. On the other hand, the Bad Bacteria ferment protein and fat to many kinds of poisonous matters. The bowels absorb the bad compounds that sometimes may cause cancer.

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More books and resources on Maintaining A Healthy Bowel

The Angry Gut
by Grant Thompson

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by Henry Janowitz

Eat Right for Your Type:
The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight
by Dr. D'Adamo

Human Body
Human Body
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Good Bowels and Bad Bowels

When the Bad Bacteria become predominant in the bowels, the fermenting activity in the organ will be reduced.  As a result, decomposition proceeds and a great deal of poisonous matters are produced. Those compounds seriously affect many organs and finally cause cancer. This condition occurs in the bad bowels and is seen among aged people.  Contrarily when the Good Bacteria are predominant, the inside of the bowels is kept acid, and the condition prevents the Bad Bacteria from growing much. Additionally when the materials the Good Bacteria fermented nutrition to is absorbed, immune system will be improved and it promotes resistance to cancer. This condition is seen in the health bowels.
Consequently it is very important to keep the bowels young with the Bad Bacteria inferior, and the Good Bacteria predominant.

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Probiotics, Other Nutritional Factors, and Intestinal Microflora
by Lars Hanson, Robert Yolken, Nestle Nutrition
Hardcover (1999)

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