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Availability: These titles are out of print. Although they are no longer available from the publisher, will query their network of used bookstores for you and send an update within one to two weeks.

The Epstein-Barr virus

Campus Fever
(Roommates, No 14)
by Alison Blair
Infectious mononucleosis
by R. Carter
A clinical study of infectious mononucleosis and toxoplasmosis
by Donald Cameron
Epstein-Barr Virus and Associated Diseases (Developments in Medical Virology)
by P. Levine, D. Ablashi, G. Pearson, S. Kottaridis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Hidden Epidemic
by Jesse Stoff, Charles Pellegrino

Review Booknews, Inc., 1989
Popular treatment which examines an illness variously referred to as Epstein-Barr disease, chronic mononucleosis, HBLV disease, and, more popularly, "the Yuppie Plague" or "Raggedy Ann Syndrome." Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Hope and Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
The Official Guide of the Cfs/Cfids Network
by Karyn Feiden

This is a timely and comforting book that offers intelligent advice on a previously unrecognized ailment. The book offers extensive advice and information geared toward overcoming the illness. Includes information on warning signs, which medications and alternative therapies can make a difference, and more.
The author, 1997
People with CFS need sensible medical advice and support
Chronic fatigue syndrome remains a medical mystery and many patients face skepticism from health care professionals and sometimes their own families. Along with clear medical information and sensible treatment guidelines, my book includes stories of those who have suffered the host of symptoms that characterize this disorder. I also talk about the importance of reaching out to others with CFS -- it is vital to recognize that you are not alone. Unfortunately, a cure for chronic fatigue syndrome remains elusive but many people gradually recover much of their previous energy and good health. Until then, there is much you can do to ease your discomfort and enhance your ability to cope. Good luck!

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Disclaimer:  I am NOT a medical professional.
I am a CFS - EBV sufferer who is relaying some of his experiences and opinions.
None of the information on these pages is to be construed as medical advice.  Please see a doctor for such advice.
Due to the nature of my illness, I am unable to work for a regular employer in my former occupation as a journalist, and have started this Website, it's mirror sites and others, as an information resource and business. 
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