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Alternative Medicine

The Alternative Medicine Sourcebook

The Alternative Medicine Sourcebook:
A Realistic Evaluation of
Alternative Healing Methods
by Steven Bratman, MD
Hardcover (1997)

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The Alternative Medicine Handbook

The Alternative Medicine Handbook:
The Complete Reference Guide to
Alternative and Complementary Therapies
by Barrie Cassileth
Hardcover (1998)

An estimated 60 million Americans use alternative therapies each year. Cassileth, affiliated with the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative Medicine, the American Cancer Society, and two medical schools, offers a survey of 54 therapies from a decidedly conservative, mainstream medical point of view.   Though claiming that her book "neither promotes nor opposes" any therapy, she clearly has not made the paradigm shift necessary to understand the bases of much of this vast array of approaches, particularly alternative anticancer therapies or those originating in other cultures.
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Manifesto for a New Medicine

Manifesto for a New Medicine:
Your Guide to Healing Partnerships
and the Wise Use of Alternative Therapies
by James S. Gordon
Paperback (1997)

A clinical professor of psychiatry and frequent writer on alternative health care synthesizes the time-tested traditions of alternative healing, Eastern medical practices, and psychological therapies with the most valuable elements of mainstream medicine.  Explains how to integrate a wide range of alternative healing practices into the mainstream of modern medical treatment, discussing such therapies as homeopathy, guided imagery, chiropractic, and others.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine:
What Works:

A Comprehensive, Easy-To-Read Review of the Scientific Evidence, Pro and Con
by Adriane, Md. Fugh-Berman
Paperback (1997)

A comprehensive review of the scientific evidence for and against unconventional medical treatments, Alternative Medicine: What Works is easy for laypeople to read yet rigorous enough to convince the most hidebound M.D. Clear, accessible terminology provides scientific proof that any alternative treatments are indeed effective.

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