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Acid Alkaline Nutrition

Panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depression, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, candidiasis, Epstein-Barr syndrome, food allergies, food cravings/addictions, weight maintenance problems, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), "undiagnosable/undifferentiated" aches and pains, and hypochondria are typically not "psychological" or "stress-related" in origin.


Consequently, "talking things over" with so-called qualified mental health experts will do you little if any good. These disorders are caused instead by subtle but easily detectable biochemical or metabolic imbalances which can be corrected nutritionally, but not in the way the holistic or mainstream medical communities would have you believe.

Biobalance: Using Acid-Alkaline Nutrition to Solve the Food-Mood-Health Puzzle
by Rudolf Wiley

From the Author
Get well, then get angry!


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In my book, BioBalance: Using Acid/Alkaline Nutrition to Solve the Food-Mood-Health Puzzle, I'll show you why this is the case. Moreover, I'll also show you how you can use nutrition to counter-effect the health problems plaguing you; problems which have more than likely been plaguing you for years, have cost you thousands of dollars, and have eluded the medical, psychological and nutritional experts.

Sadly, these experts have arrived at an impasse at your expense. The media are glutted with books, tapes, CDs and TV talk shows where the experts compete for your attention by hawking contradictory advice and solutions: "Eat more protein!" "Eat more complex carbohydrates!" "Eat less fat!" "Don't be so afraid of fat!" "Brown rice and vegetables are the solution!" "The B-complex vitamins are 'pick-me-ups.' Take them!" "Herbals and botanicals - the new revolution. Take them!" "Zone out!" "Zone in!" etc.. In actual fact, each of these solutions is only a partial solution which applies to only a small sector of the population. The reason for this consists of the fact that we humans are genetically engineered to metabolize foods in radically different fashion. Hence while some people will thrive on a vegetarian diet, and on one and only one subset of supplemental vitamins and minerals (I refer to these individuals as alkaline metabolizers), this very same diet and set of supplements will worsen the health of other individuals (acid and mixed mode metabolizers) who will need to eat (much maligned) red meat, and must take another subset of vitamin and mineral supplements. Some individuals (typically some women) must eat in one fashion during one period of time, and switch to a complementary nutritional regimen during another period in order to achieve ongoing, uninterrupted, optimal metabolic performance which characterizes peak physical and mental health. (Incidentally, this is the counter-effecting nutritional strategy for premenstrual syndrome or PMS. PMS is not caused by "stress" or other "psychogenic" factors as the American Psychiatric Association would have you believe.)

While my book references controlled studies, its text contains easy-to-understand explanations and analogies. Most importantly, I will show you how to: 1. see through the massive confusion and illogic which fuels the thinking of the nutritional, psychological and holistic communities; 2. easily identify your personal metabolic type; 3. choose the nutritional regimen (or regimens) appropriate for you, and thereby reduce or eliminate your underlying metabolic imbalance. Comprehensive lists of foods are also provided, as are sample dietary regimens. Perhaps of equal significance is the fact that most if not all of these regimens are easy to follow and impose few if any constraints on day-to-day activities.

About the Author
Dr. Rudolf Wiley holds a doctorate in biological physics, and has spent more than 25 years researching the impact of nutrition upon metabolism. His work has to date assisted thousands of individuals in achieving optimal wellness.

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