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Online permaculture, farm & small business management courses

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The Introduction to Permaculture course is based on:
Introduction to Permaculture
by Bill Mollison, Reny Mia Slay
Paperback (1997)

The Permaculture Design Course is based on:
Permaculture: A Designers' Manual
by Bill Mollison Hardcover (1997)

If interested in these courses, please contact us and we can provide you with more details.

oneearthmedia-go @yahoo dot com dot au

We run a number of online correspondence courses:

"Introduction to Permaculture"

"Permaculture Design Certificate"

"Business Planning for a Permaculture Property"
(making a living from your small acreage)

"Doing Well While Doing Good"
(Green business planning)

These courses will provide you with the skills needed to manage your property or business along permaculture lines.
Both business courses are centred around preparing a business plan and then putting that plan to action.

If you are seeking a consultant to prepare a business plan or assist you in your endeavours, please consider the Australian Permaculture Information & Design Service.


Best Buy ~ Marketing of Agriculture Products
by Richard Kohls, Joseph Uhl Textbook Binding (1997)

Best Buy ~ The Complete Country Business Guide:
Everything You Need to Know to Become a Rural Entrepreneur

by Lisa Angowski Rogak Shaw Paperback (1998)

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