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Manly Village Public School

Manly Village Public School in Manly, NSW, Australia has established a permaculture bed in our disused sandpit.  In the short space of four months this area has become self sustaining and self funding.  The students are now selling the produce from the school canteen and replanting areas.

Many types of lettuce, broccoli, celery, parsley, tomatoes to name a few along with melons, pumpkins etc are growing.  Two compost bins and a worm farm have also been established.

It is part of a wider project incorporating Learnscapes - making every area of the playground an environmental learning area for students.  It has dramatically altered the thinking and operating of the teaching at our school.  The school is striving to become a centre of environmental excellence.

A gardening club has been established and we have had to close members at 40 places!!!   Our school only has 270 students so this is quite an achievement in such a short space of time.

Michele O'Byrne

Parent Co-ordinator

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