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Intentional Communities

Families and Communes:
An Examination of Nontraditional Lifestyles

(Understanding Families, V. 18)

by William Smith
Hardcover (1999)

Paperback (1999)

Contents include: Communes: Conceptual, Definitional, Theoretical, and Typological Issues; Families in Historic Communal Utopias; Urban and Rural Communes of the 1960s and 1970s; 1980s and 1990s; What Have We Learned About Families and Communities?

Communities Directory:
A Guide to Cooperative Living

Paperback (1996)

The publisher, Fellowship for Intentional Community, 1997
The *essential* reference volume for the IC movement.   The Directory contains 540 listings for intentional communities in North America and 70 communities on other continents. Every listing includes contact information and a full description. There are also easy to use maps, cross-reference charts, and an extensive index for finding communities by areas of interest and by state. In addition there are thirty-one feature articles covering various aspects and issues of cooperative living, an alternative resources and services section.

Reworking Success:
New Communities at the Millennium

by Robert Theobald
Paperback (1997)

A new edition of the book has just been published with a new introduction which connects the Y2K issue to the central argument. It was my thesis in Reworking Success that the directions in which we have moved for the twentieth century are no longer viable. Y2K is one of many issues that are making this statement more and more obviously true. The author, Robert Theobald, 1998

The Communal Experience:
Anarchist and Mystical Communities in Twentieth-Century America

by Laurence Veysey
Paperback (1978)

Builders of the Dawn:
Community Lifestyles in a Changing World

by Corinne McLaughlin, Gordon Davidson
Paperback (1990)
Intentional Communities:
How to Start Them and Why

by Donald Walters
Paperback (1988)
Intimacy & Mission:
Intentional Community As Crucible for Radical Discipleship

by Luther Smith
Paperback (1994)

Another way to live:
Experiencing intentional community

by James Best

The Intentional Community Movement:
Building a New Moral World
(Kennikat Press National University Publications)

by Marguerite Bouvard

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