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This book is a must for those new to the world of backyard chicken raising.   Everything is here: From building coops to chicken behavior, it's all here.  Being a poultry fancier for many years, and having read everything on the subject that I could get my hands on, I have to rate this as the BEST book for beginners in poultry that I have ever encountered.
A reader, November 20, 1996
This book has it all.   I read several books on raising poultry before buying this one to have in my library.    This book is a wonderful guide for the beginner, covering all issues related to raising chickens for eggs, meat, breeding, etc.   If you're thinking about raising chickens, this book will tell you all you need to know to get them off to a good start!
A reader from San Jose, CA, 1999

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The Chicken Health Handbook Chickens - PoultryThe Chicken Health Handbook
by Gail Damerow, Amanda Haar
Paperback (1994)
The editor of Rural Heritage has written a first-rate guide for the small producer interested in healthful meat and eggs as well as the exotic breed fancier raising birds for show.   Damerow concentrates on everything that can go wrong: diseases; problems associated with keeping birds in close quarters or caging them; litter; cannibalism; vitamin deficiency, resulting in poor molting; incubators that are too hot or too cold; predators; and the invasions of rats.
She stresses that the best preventative measures involve protecting one's flock against outside influences (such as wild birds or other chickens), careful culling, and balanced nutrition. Damerow is a good writer, carefully walking the line between insulting the reader's intelligence, a flaw with many books of this sort, and giving more technical information than growers need. Her discussion of how one keeps straight which chick came from which mating -- which involves the injection of food dyes into fertilized eggs, and carefully marking the webbings of feet -- is downright ingenious.  Flawless.
John Mort CopyrightŠ 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved
This book covers a range of topics from "Should I Raise Poultry?" to "Meat Bird Production".   It has information on choosing the best chicks, poultry housing and equipment, poultry house plans, brooding and rearing young stock, flock health and lots more.
A reader from Savannah, Georgia, 1998
Very good small reference text for beginner on up.  I would recommend this work for those of you thinking of beginning to raise poultry.
Of the three volumes I purchased this has been by far the most useful.
A reader from Adams, Nebraska, 1999

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