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Livestock ~ Keeping Rabbits & Cows
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The Family Cow

The Family Cow The Family Cow
by Dirk Van Loon
Paperback (1983)

This is the basic book for anyone who decides to keep a cow. Fully-illustrated chapters with accurate information on buying, behavior, nutrition, breeds, handling, feeding, milking, health care, calving, and growing feed crops. This is the basic book -- yet with all the essential details -- for the family that decides to keep a cow for all the benefits she can provide. Learn first the costs, the gains, what she gives and takes. There are practical, fully-illustrated chapters that include:
The history and behavior of the cow.
Nutritional needs, from grass to milk.
Buying a cow -- the sources, breeds and factors to consider.
Handling techniques, housing and fencing.
Feeds and feeding -- cow and calf.
Milking and uses of milk.
Health and diseases, breeding and calving.
Growing feed crops, use of manure.

Raising Rabbits the Modern Way

Raising Rabbits the Modern Way Raising Rabbits the Modern Way
by Bob Bennett, Constance Oxley
Paperback (1988)

From the Back Cover
Completely revised Garden Way Publishing Classic on raising rabbits.
* Contains the most recent how-to information for successfully raising rabbits on a small to semicommercial scale.

* All new information on feeding, housing, medication, breeding, showing, and selling.

* Contains all the basics, experienced solutions, modern techniques, from inspecting the litter to ARBA registration system.

* Includes updated product information and equipment lists.

About the Author
Rabbit enthusiast Bob Bennett has written six books, including Bob Bennett's Guide to Winning Rabbit Shows, Raising Rabbits Successfully, and Storey's Raising Rabbits the Modern Way. Besides writing many articles for newspapers and magazines, Bob has been editor of Rabbits magazine, contributing editor to Countryside magazine, and founder of Domestic Rabbit magazine. He has appeared on NBC-TV's "Today Show" for a feature on rabbits, and has spoken on rabbits to commercial producers, feed companies, and fanciers, and is past director of the American Rabbit Breeders' Association.

The Mother Earth News has said of Bob's book: "A thorough guide...covering selection, purchase, rearing, care, and breeding of bunnies." Also, a newspaper from Hawaii, The Maui News, has also commented, "...Bennett says all there is to say about rabbits...well presented. His style is simple and straight-forward, and, above all, easy to understand."

Bob lives in Shelburne, Vermont, and is vice president of corporate communications for Howard Bancorp and the Howard Bank.

Good, simple and informative.    This book is in my rabbitry at all time.   The information is concise and user friendly..  No long scientific explanation, it is to the point and easy to read...  I go back to it again and again, I've even highlighted passages so that the info that's needed again and again can be easily found...  Great book for the beginner or for the pro....  A reader's review

The Family Cow

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