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 Our fundraising course is online free. Events organisers and public relations for nonprofit organisations should find that useful - its proven track record has raised millions of dollars in needed community funds. 

Barter, Local Energy Transfer Scheme, Ethical Investments, Intentional Communities, alternative energy exchange and alternative economics are increasing!

Globalisation depends on strong regions for success so let's ensure your region is clean and green and ready.
Globalisation, if it's based on the triumphs of post war Internationalism (UN, WHO), results in capitalism with a social conscious - is that the best we can hope for?

In an increasingly global marketplace, the economic needs of small communities, particularly in rural areas, must take priority.

Without strong and self-sustaining communities the world will be a much poorer place - for the individuals who live there and for their neighbours who will be missing on a trading partner who offers a diverse range of products & services.

Leaving aside ideologies such as socialism and capitalism, thisism or thatism, it should be recognised that humans have been 'trading' for thousands of years - so we may as well get it organised!

Unfortunately in our haste to trade, some sustainable and unethical practices such as rampant consumerism and wholesale environmental destruction have become mainstream and acceptable to the uneducated.

It is widely acknowledged that capitalism has many undesirable social consequences, particularly for residents of developing nations and those who through illness, age or circumstance do not participate in the workforce.

This site is dedicated to the alternatives to unsustainable economic and environmental practices.  Budding freelance writers, community workers, ethical entrepreneurs and academics are invited to submit articles for these pages - please email us.

Please support our site and research by visiting our sponsors who have been chosen for their ethical business practices.  Return often, as this site will grow as more resources become available.  I'm using my resources as a former regional economic development manager and an ethical journalist's sources to ensure accuracy amongst these pages.  

Thanks and good luck in your efforts to make your community a happier place to live :)  What have you done today for Gaia? 

Marcus Webster, MBA, C.dec

Natural Capitalism:
Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

Hardcover (1999)

Three top strategists show how leading-edge companies are practicing "a new type of industrialism" that is more efficient and profitable while saving the environment and creating jobs.

Assurance needed to give the web some cred

We support the campaign to give websites more credibility and accountability by using a Seal of Assurance program.  They're good for the surfer, the website and the ethical organisation who runs it.

Every industry association, chamber of commerce and group with an ethical approach could have a Seal of Assurance or Trust program for member websites to link ethical statements.
In February 2002, the ACCC approached me to appear on TV regarding a federal court against a bogus doctor dealing in CFIDS treatment, and the ACCC campaign called International Internet Health Sweep.  Our site passed their tests.
If you have an ethical statement, please invite me to view it as I may put it with others and see how it rates.

We are building linkage on Ethical Trust.

Small Farm & Rural Business Management

Eco-Industry Resources

 We have resources available for consultancy of world and Australian regions including statistical analysis of census, tourism and regional economic development reports, and industry reports and research.
 We'd like to hear from any ethical business and organisation with an interest in any of the topics covered on these webpages.

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